Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Lotion Sunscreen SPF 55 Review!

24 March 2015

Well its a first!! Ever spotted a sunscreen review on Lipsnberries? Clearly I don't seem to be a fan of them. Shishh... What did I say!! They are everywhere & every 50 year old has one advice to their 'now not possible' 20 year old - Wear sunscreen!

Aveeno baby sunscreen review

But I find them icky, yucky, sticky, gloopy, sweaty (Some pretty strong feelings right there!). Well all this until this baby came along... well its literally a baby - Aveeno baby lotion sunscreen & I swear its compelled me to write a review. I never had such sane intentions.

Best sunscreen for dry skin

Suggested to me by my Laser tech girl and I've been thanking her at every visit. I actually frickin love this. This one tube has made summer just cruise through.

Sunscreen for babies

This summer has been the most active I've had in years. We've been out almost everyday. So much fun I tell you! I actually enjoyed carrying 3 sunscreens around to our trips. Yes! Bloggers like to overkill!

Aveeno baby SPF 55 for the face, Surf Life Saving SPF 50+ for the arms n legs & Neutrogena Fresh Cooling SPF 70+ spray on Sunscreen for those hard to reach nooks n corners! I sound so high maintenance! Duhh... Trust me I'm not. These 3 are my current favorites & each has been assigned a specific body part. Haha!

Best sunscreen for sensitive skin

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection gets the face - the top-spot for reasons such as

- No scary white-cast
- Absorbs super-fast
- Neither sticky nor yucky. But Dewy. Yes! (FYI I have dry skin so be cautious oily skinned peeps)
- The consistency is towards thicker side, but not overly so. Its marketed as a lotion sunscreen but feels like a body butter.

Physical vs Chemical Sunscreen

- SPF 55 & Broad spectrum - Meaning protection against both UVA (A= Aging, photo-aging) & UVB (B= Burning, Tan) rays.
- 80 minute water resistant too. Perfect for beach days.
- Fragrance free
- Gentle! Its a baby sunscreen, so understandably gentle & kind to skin
- Baby sunscreen also means they didn't make it for under-makeup purposes.
 I didn't expect it to last under makeup but have been pleasantly surprised. On the odd occasion, I've tried it & its worked.
Makeup stayed on all day & it was a very hot day. Ok maybe my no sweat disorder helped (I hardly ever ever sweat)

Here's the evidence. I have to mention, I'm usually makeup free on holidays, just Sunscreeen & lip balm!
This is Rotorua- Thermal activity park- Boiling water and geysers around- Hot azz!

Best sunscreen for dry sensitive skin
That weirdly disfigured arm..Ouch!
I've been unable to think of anything negative about this sunscreen. Except that it's a Chemical sunscreen and not Physical.
A Chemical Sunscreen  means it prevents UV rays from touching skin by absorbing them as opposed to what a physical sunscreen (Sunblock) will do (Read: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide). A physical sunscreen deflects sun rays. Chemical Suncreen contains UV filters that can cause skin irritation and some photo unstable ones have the potential to cause free radical damage as well. However more research is needed to warrant these claims. So its quite important to choose a sunscreen wisely. Physical sunscreens aren't all gold either. They are thick, hard to apply and have that horrible whitecast. In the end we need to stick with the ones we are comfortable applying. Less protection is better than no protection any day right?

If you're keen on reading more about Chemical vs Physical debate, I found this link really helpful.

- Price:  At $12 for 112g, its actually not bad considering how big bucks and quality sunscreens go hand in hand. I've bought it off iHerb.com (Use my affiliate code PGF661 for upto $10 off your first order) though I'm sure its available in supermarkets here in NZ. Have a lookie!

Where to buy Aveeno sunscreen

Verdict: Aveeno knocks off my socks again! Their hand cream has a cult following in our home & now this has found a place too. A sunscreen made for babies & fit for adults. At SPF 55 broad spectrum, no white cast & 80 minute water resistance, its actually up there with high & mighty of sunscreen world. Its gentle, fragrance free and soothing, so definitely something to consider if you have sensitive skin. I totally recommend it! Though due to its dewy finish, it might not be a good pick for oily skin. Also, its not made to be worn under makeup but on random trials has proved to be relatively satisfactory (I didn't have high hopes!)
Bonus comment : This is the first sunscreen I've actually worn on my face during outings and the one that has actually made wearing sunscreen a bit bearable. Thank you Aveeno!

What's your favorite sunscreen? Would you like to recommend me one? Talk to me in the comments below :)


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