NYX Lipliners Review- Natural, Coral, Pinky!

16 March 2015

I'd tell you my pet peeve- A Red lip lined with deep brown lip liner! I mean why you no fill the whole lip you know? Or may be choose a matching lip liner pretty please?? Having seen countless Indian women (Read married cousins) indulging in this, I can't help but cringe at the sight of OTT* lip line. (No Offense intended)

That aside, how many of you girls use a lip liner under your lipstick? Am I the only one who thought it was too old-lady like to put one on? And few years down the line, I can't survive without one. If you haven't discovered them yet, you're in for a treat!

NYX Lipliner review - Natural- Coral- Pinky

What a lip liner does?
- Creates a beautiful lip line, defines cupid's bow, creates an enviable pout + Bonus: you can always overdraw lips if your's are barely there! It seems to be new rage. Read: Kylie Jenner Lips!
- Lipstick stays on longer.
- If your lipstick were to stray after eating meals, your natural lip won't show through. Pink lips will still look pink even after the lipsticks all gone in the gut. That's why I insist on fillin 'em all in.

NYX Lipliner review - Natural- Coral- Pinky- 1

I've had these NYX lip liner pencils for more than an year now & it suddenly occurred that they're not on the blog yet.
I bought them cheap off Cherryculture.com during their 40% off promotion last year (or may be it was the year before. Idk)! Haul post here.

NYX Lipliner review - Natural- Coral- Pinky- 2

Pinky is a hot pink.
Coral is more of a muted coral hue. It has a slight sheen to it aswell.
Natural is a nice warm neutral that works under any lipstick.

 Here's my experience & how I use them-

-Cheap cheap cheap- $3.50 a piece!

- These are matte & come in a pencil form.

- They come in literally tons of shade. But for your day to day essentials, you only need to have about 4 in your arsenal. I have Red, Pink, Coral &  N*de. That pretty much covers all my lipsticks (I'm not into funky rainbow colors as yet!)

NYX Lipliner review - Natural
NYX Lipliner in 'Natural'

NYX Lipliner review - Natural- swatch

- Applied after lip balm n lip primer & before lipstick. Its best to start lining your lips with a shade matching your lipstick or one lighter than it. A dark lip liner will darken/intensify the lipstick shade.

- I prefer to fill the lip liner all over my lips to prevent any harsh lines. Then waiting a couple of minutes for it to settle in before putting on lipstick.

- These NYX lip liners are good to go without lipstick as well. Fill them all in and you have a matte lip stain that c an be followed with a clear gloss to create a glossy look.

In case you're wondering, the striking blue eyeliner is also from NYX and has been reviewed here.

NYX Lipliner review - Coral- swatch
NYX Lipliner in 'Coral'

NYX Lipliner review - Coral

What I don't like about NYX lip liners?

- They tend to drag and aren't very soft. So you can't just go over the top with them as it actually hurts, specially when its freshly sharpened. Ouch!
- Not hydrating or creamy at all!
- The texture varies among shades. That coral one goes quite blotchy.
- Time consuming  as they aren't very soft so you have go slow and be gentle on your lips while lining them.
- I don't like sharpening. Period.

NYX Lipliner review Pinky
NYX Lipliner in 'Pinky'

NYX Lipliner review - Pinky-swatch

Verdict: While lip liners are must in any makeup collection as they prolong lipstick longevity & create an enviable pout, but I'm a bit wary of recommending these NYX lip liners. These are matte, work a treat but aren't very gentle on lips as they tend to drag and can hurt if you're in a hurry. The pigmentation is good but the shades vary in texture among each other. I like pinky more than other two shades I own. If you're in search of some cheap lip liners, these will do the job just fine albeit not in the gentlest possible way.

Though not in this post, I do have more lip liners. A red from Faces, another red from LA Colors and a mauve from Essence. Would you like to see posts on them?

NYX lipliner reviews

Also, FYI, did you know that MAC has just come out with a collection called "Pencilled in" which is some of your favorite and MAC's best seller lipsticks in Pencil/ Lip liner form. Like OMG!!! How cool is that ??There's even a Ruby Woo one there! (Can't breathe**) Check out this review by Christel from Makeupper.co.nz on the new collection. It's out today. March 16, 2015. Now you know!


Are you into lip liners? Any favorites you'd like to share with me?

Nishu xx

OTT* - Over the top

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