iHerb.com Haul- March 2015!

10 March 2015

If you read this blog regularly, you know how dearly I love my favorite online shopping website- iHerb.com (Previous haul post here). They have such wide variety of stuff, I might have gotten addicted to the surprises I find each time.

I always use DHL shipping out of all the shipping options available and highly recommend it. Its just USD $10 for this whole lot of stuff - tracked & expedited. I ordered Sunday/Monday night (can't remember!) & had the box lying on my desk Friday morning. Yes! within the same week. Its so crazy!

They have heaps of discount offers like-
  $10 off for new customer orders over $40- Enter my Rewards code- PGF661 (totally pays for shipping!)
  5% off orders over $40 for repeat customers
  Combo discounts and bulk discounts (Ex. Buy 2 of Rosehip Oils get 10%)

Here's what I ordered from them last week -

1. Doctor's Best Fully Active Vitamin B12 1500mcg ($4.99, 60 capsules)

2. Madre Labs Omega 3 Premium Fish Oil x 2 ($4.99 each, $3.17 for both, please don't ask me to explain- The wonders of iHerb combo deals)

3. Doctor's Best Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM  ($26.99, 240 capsules) -Cheaper than any I've found in NZ - Glucosamine supports joints & connective tissue- A hot fav of old people! Supposedly good for joint & shin pain that I get while running & exercise. I could really do with some relief. Ouch!

4. Now Food's Certified Organic Cocoa Powder (340g, $9.80) - I aim to make our own energy bars!

5. Wholesome Sweetners Inc. Organic Coconut Palm Sugar (454g, $5.55) - I had no idea a thing as coconut sugar exists but here it is! Its made from the sap of coconut flower. Usage - as above - energy bars! P.S. its equivalent to brown sugar and tastes the same too. No coconut-y flavor.

6. Natra Bio The Arnica Rub (114g$8.08) - If you haven't discovered the wonders of Arnica yet...please jump on the bandwagon. This tube has 8% Arnica & can be used for muscle stiffness, injuries, muscle or back pain, bruises & sprains and you know what- It works - FAST - overnight! Give it a shot.

7. Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste (75ml, $6.14) - I'm a Weleda fan & most toothpastes give hubby a sore throat, hence the obvious choice. He's weird I know! Already used this once - it doesn't lather/froth at all. AT ALL (in capital)

8. Source Naturals Herbal Throat Spray - As above- After stupid toothpastes have worked their magic on him, this spray will come to rescue! I've always trusted Diaflam but its addictive and expensive so.. this.

9. Madre Labs Hand Cream with Argan nut Oil Unscented ($4.95, got for $2 in a combo deal) - Yep! Bought it coz its cheap & had rave reviews. More hand creams the better!

10. South of France Lavender fields French milled bar soap with organic Shea butter ($1) - It was only a dollar. I couldn't resist, love soaps!

11. Life Flo health, Pure Rosehip Seed Oil x 4 (30 ml, $5.69 each) - I'm addicted to this stuff! Its godsend! Review coming up super quick. It's a repeat buy too! (Trilogy Rosehip Oil Review here.)

12. Hurraw! Lip balm in Coconut 4.3g ($3.37), Hurraw! Lip Balm Vata Almond Cardamom Rose ($3.82), Hurraw! Night Treatment balm Blue Chomomile Vanilla ($3.82) - I'm so excited about these. Have only heard good things about these all natural and organic lip balms. Can't wait for my EOS one to finish. Now which one should I go for first? #FirstWorldProblems

13. Bdellium Tools Studio Line Eyes Blending Brush 776 ($7.65 each) - These had rave reviews and are said to be a dupe of MAC 217 (The Holy Grail of Eye shadow blending!), so you know I had to try them out.

14. Real Techniques Your finish/Perfected blush brush - I needed a new blush brush. Period.

All up USD $156.00 + USD $10.00 Shipping = $166 USD = $190 NZD

That's it for my iHerb.com haul & here's the link to website if you're feeling to splurge a bit! Do share your haul with me on our Facebook or Instagram page or even Twitter. I LOVE HAULS.

Are you keen on any of the products mentioned above? Did you know iHerb.com had such a wide array of products? Talk to me in the comments below.

Nishu xx

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links.

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