Life-Flo Pure Rosehip Seed Oil Review!

22 April 2015

Oh how I love Rosehip Oil! I'm a certified Rosehip Oil addict & I absolutely love getting other people hooked on it. Nothing... I repeat...NOTHING has ever worked for my skin for so long. I've never been a one product person but this wonder oil is seriously additive & it makes me come back to it... for wherever I stray!

Life flo rosehip oil review

If you're interested in reading about benefits of Rosehip oil for your skin, I highly suggest you check out this post about Trilogy's Rosehip Oil. I went in depth in that one! For a one liner- Rosehip Oil is extracted out of fruit (hips) of Roses. The Oil is rich in Vitamin A and Omega 3,6,9. These essential fatty acids put life back into dry, dehydrated skin and are proven to reduce appearance of scars & stretch marks.

Kate middleton's skincare

Trilogy's Rosehip Oil was expensive. I'm not super rich... OK. I'm not even rich. $24 for 30ml of oil is not my thing! I was bound to look for alternatives. While shopping on I spotted this Life Flo Rosehip Oil- $5.69 for 30ml. What a score!
 Add to cart... 5 days later. Bingo... its in my hand!
Cold pressed 
100% ✘ Its 99% with 1% Tocopherol.. which by the way is Vit E- A natural preservative - actually good for skin.

Quickly orders 4 more!

best moisturizer for dry skin and stretch marks

Its working the same way as the high end Rosehip oil did. To summarize

- Hydrates skin
- Makes it heal faster
- Keeps blemishes in check
- Fades old acne scars
- Takes care of sun spots
- Doesn't clog pores
- No acne, no zits
- I use it as an overall night-time moisturizer... yep.. eyes, eyebrows, lashes, face, neck, everywhere and there's nothing else I'd wanna use. Just 2-3 drops covers it all. Talk about fuss-free skincare!
- Takes time to soak in & I definitely lose some to sheets & pillows
- On odd occasions over the weekend I have applied foundation over it with no problems at all. No foundation sliding off. However, I do not use it during our pacy mornings as it takes time to absorb in.
- Suitable for all skin types. Yay!

CAUTION: My eyebrows and eyelashes are actually getting healthy and happy with Rosehip Oil. That also means it would have similar effect on facial hair? Now thats a big worry! You've been warned! I've agreed to take that risk!

Benefits of rosehip oil

where to buy rosehip oil from

Price: $5.69 USD off (Use my affiliate code PGF661 for upto $10 off your first order). I always choose the dearer DHL shipping as its tracked & super fast. Think 4 working days. All the way from America.
If you're in India, I just found it on - here!

Verdict: I couldn't be more happier having found an affordable natural skincare star for $6. Rosehip Oil does it all. It takes care of all your skincare concerns without a hefty price tag. My suggestion - Order in bulk from Its worth every cent you spend on it.

Is rosehip oil good for scars

Are you on the Rosehip Oil bandwagon yet? Did I convince you? Lemme know in the comments below!

Nishu xx

P.S. Rosehip Oil also featured in my top 5 products of 2014 list! Blog post here.

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