Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rosewater Review! Can this be the best budget Rosewater?

24 April 2015

For a Rosewater addict like me, it totally makes sense to try each one out there. So this-

Best rosewater

Rosewaters are my life. They make the bulk of my luggage when I come back from India & I wouldn't have it any other way.
Thanks to all natural skincare, my skin is in its very best phase right now (Knocks wood!!)
Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Saffron & Neem, followed by this Rosewater as toner & then Life-Flo Organic Pure Rosehip Seed Oil for moisturizing- That's my skincare summed up! (Rosehip Oil review here)

After Shayoni's glowing reviews of Kama Ayurveda Rosewater and Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rose Water, I knew what my next rosewaters will be. These two! And I actually frikkin love them both. Not that I didn't love my Forest Essentials & Fabindia Rosewaters any less though. Life's hard. So many choices. #FirstWorldProblems

Rosewater runs in every Indians blood. We swear by this stuff for any skin concern. We drink it (Rooh Afza), eat it (Gulkand, sweets), put it on as lotions, creams, face packs & spray it on as perfumes, facial tonics and cooling mists. And I wondered what triggered my love of Roses!

best budget rosewater

Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rosewater has definitely become one of my favorites. The price has to be a big factor in that, half the price for same quantity n quality as Forest Essentials and Kama Ayurveda. That's a hard one to beat for sure!

The clear Rosewater comes in a 200ml spray nozzle bottle. I would have preferred if bottle was colored as it preserves the contents from light but nevertheless the bottle spritz fine mist on the face. Just the right amount!

The product is very light, not greasy or moisturizing at all. So my skin drinks it up super quick!
The smell of Kanauj Roses (the best Indian roses in terms of goodness) is divine. I wish it lasted longer than 5 minutes!

The ingredient list is nothing but pure steam distilled Rosewater- Nasties free and completely natural!

Best budget rosewater

How I use this Rosewater?

- In face packs, DIY face masques

- Facial Toner - After Cleanser & Before Moisturizer. Because this has a spray nozzle, cotton pads are a thing of past! I wait till its all absorbed (About 5 minutes in these autumn evenings) and then slather on my beloved Rosehip Oil.
It aids with Rosehip Oil absorption as well.

- Facial Mist- To freshen up skin as and when needed (At workk...yeahh!)

- To make makeup a bit dewy and comfortable if its too matte (Like MAC Fix+ you know!)

Oilcraft naturals premium rosewater

Price: 400 Rs for 200ml (India), About $18 (!!!) on Amazon.com

Buy From: Amazon.in or directly from Oilcraft Naturals website. I'm so keen on trying their Mogra Water next. Apparently way better than this one!

Are you into Facials toners or mists? Whats your favorite one to freshen up skin?

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