Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in '400 Big Bang' Review!

1 May 2015

How timely of me to review this glossy affair when the company has just come out with a matte version of it! You know I'm disciplined like that (pun intended!!!)

rimmel big bang review

Rimmel London came out with these beauties early last year or was it the year before??.. Gahhh! But I picked one up from airport duty free Goa (India), during one of the best trips of my life. Think 9 friends, 2 am Old Goa tour, 4 am flat tyre, endless sea and para-sailing! So I have a good memories attached to this lippy. And hence this needs to be blogged. Some days I feel I blog for my future self!!

Rimmel apocalips review

Rimmel big bang

rimmel apocalips big bang swatch

The lip lacquer is tricky. Its gorgeous but flawed. Here's a quick rundown!

- The shade 'Big Bang' is a blue based true red liquid lipstick that brightens up the complexion. I'm a warm NC 30-35 for reference. (Don't ask me why it looks orange-y in pics!!)
- Beautiful packaging, a grooved doe foot applicator that creates precise lipline
- Insanely pigmented. One swipe. Bamm!
- Not sticky or uncomfortable. Buttery texture
- The stunning glossy finish that lasts for hours
- The moisturizing effect. Its emollient so forget about dry lip issues. No prep work required.
- Works on all skin tones
- Long Stay- About 5 hours easy
- Leaves heavy pinkish red stain behind
- Easy to take off with makeup remover- Micellar water, Bi-phase, any!

Lip lipstick for dry lips

Best red lipstick for dry lips

-Weird plastic-y smell
- So insanely pigmented that there is no safe play. However, you may chose to press a tissue to take some off. A stained lip look may be? or may be use your fingers to dab some.
- Feels a bit heavy when first applied, but you totally forget about that sometime later as it has no drying effect whatsoever
- Feathers off lip line like crazy. So a lip liner is a must
- Its essentially pigmented gloss/ wet lipstick so transfers on everything and everywhere. Like cheeks, spoon,  Coffee cup, dress, face (damn you hair strands!). So not a cup of tea for the care-free souls out there. You can't put it on and forget about it. Keep checking mirror every half an hour pretty please!
- So understandably doesn't survive food or drinks and you are guaranteed to ingest some if you persist.

best glossy red lipstick
Why do I look like I'm about to cry?
As much as I love this lip lacquer for its full impact rich red glossy moisturized feel, the feathering and high transfer makes it quite a task to perfect. You definitely need your hair tied up, be wary of food and control your hands. I have layered it in the pictures here and its transferred so may be just go with a single swipe to avoid any mess. Me thinks the lighter shades in this range would be more forgiving. These lacquers can be a good pick for someone into lip glosses, looking for a highly pigmented version. I'm not really a gloss girl so..... (Matte lipsticks anyday baby!). I'm actually eager to try out the matte version of them that has just come out and supposedly good too. Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet they're called!

$ 4.39 USD from Amazon.com
$19.99 NZD (Various Online stores and pharmacies nationwide)
475 Rs on various Indian websites

best red lipstick for Indian skin

Have you tried Rimmel Apocalips? Are you a gloss or lipstick girl? Chat to me in comments below!

Nishu xx

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