MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick Review!

19 May 2015

Another bright lipstick added to my arsenal! Shame its winters here in NZ as its a perfect spring/ summer shade. It actually SCREAMS beach life! Have you heard of MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick? One of MAC's bestsellers. (Other being Ruby Woo, Lady Danger!)

This was suggested to me by a reader though I admit I was quite apprehensive when I first came across it. But my oh my! I just had to buy it after putting it on.

Price: Rs. 1450 (India). $40 NZD, $16 USD. Available at MAC Counters worldwide.

MAC Candy yum yum review

MAC candy yum yum

MAC Candy yum yum swatch

MAC candy yum yum lip swatch

-First things first its from MAC's matte range, that I already adore.
-Its a super bright blue based neon pink, that surprisingly doesn't wash me out.
-It screams spring/summer/holiday/beach life!
-Candy Yum Yum doesn't tug lips at all. Glides smoothly and actually feels emollient. It feels comfortable the whole time it's on lips.
-Doesn't dry out lips
-Doesn't feather
-Stays on super long. An easy 6-7 hours. After which it leaves a really stubborn stain behind. Even my Garnier Micellar Water was unable to remove it completely. I had plump pink lips the next day as well. The lipstick survived light meals too.
-It does tend to settle into fine lines.
-It does emphasize dryness/flakiness on lips. So its a must to exfoliate lips beforehand.
-The shade is what I expected MAC Saint Germain would be on me (which totally washed me out!) but this turned out to be quite forgiving. FYI I'm NC 32-35ish in MAC (Warm Indian skin).
-The lipstick looks lovely on dusky skin as well.
- Bronzed skin goes really well with this shade. I think it makes you look a bit duskier too! (Hubby says I look like an Island Girl! Do I?)

MAC candy yum yum on indian skin

MAC candy yum yum on dusky skin
WTH is that white tinge? I swear it's not in the original pic!
MAC hot pink lipstick

My 2 cents
I totally recommend it for anyone looking for a fun n girly pink lipstick. It's quite loud so you definitely need to put up a brave face. Fake it till you make it!
 It goes well with all skintones, glides smoothly over lips and stays put for good few hours. Its from the matte range but actually feels comfortable the whole time it's on. The pretty pink stain next day is quite amazing! As its a pastel pink, it does emphasize any dryness or flakiness on lips, so exfoliating lips is a must. (Check out reviews for my favorite Lush Bubblegum lip Scrub and my DIY lip scrub recipe!)

MAC lipstick price

Makeup with hot pink lipstick
Makeup of the day! Featuring a sample of YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Is this your kinda shade? Whats your favorite pink lipstick?

Dreaming beach life!
Nishu xx

P.S. I just noticed the absence of arm swatch! I forgot to click it. How did that happen? I broke a protocol.

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