Taking Stock! May 2015

22 May 2015

So I just came across this unique post idea on Lena and Laura's blog and totally got convinced. This is me right now. What's up with you?
Kai Iwi Lakes. How I miss the snorkeling!
  • Making : Progress
  • Cooking : Loads of Indian dishes. I cook for the week ahead.
  • Drinking : Water Always
  • Reading: Everything on ProBlogger.com website
  • Wanting: Directions. My mind is everywhere at the moment. Wanting Sanity!
  • Looking: At my pedometer every few minutes. Need to clock 10,000 steps today. 
  • Playing: Posted a status on Facebook to request people to not send me Game requests. Does that answer it?
  • Deciding: Dates for upcoming holiday
  • Wishing: Flat abs 
  • Enjoying: Our one year old home and its warmth during winters. 
  • Waiting: For December
  • Liking: My first ever morning workout that I did today! 
  • Wondering: What I'll wear for an upcoming Indian wedding
  • Loving: Life
  • Pondering: To study more or not?
  • Considering: Switching banks
  • Watching: Random sh*t. Everything posted on Facebook. 
  • Hoping: Blog success
  • Marvelling: Other pretty blogs
  • Needing: Money!
  • Smelling: Freesia's on my bedside
  • Wearing: A cute grey mini mouse tee from A&F. Jeggings from Uniqlo.
  • Following: Healthy eating regime. No dinner after 7 pm. 
  • Noticing: How my mood changes after breaking a sweat!
  • Knowing: It's all going to be well in the end
  • Thinking: Crossfit. I just paid money for the June on-Ramp. I'm gonna be dead.
  • Admiring: Girls with strong arms. Also, pretty photographs on Instagram
  • Sorting: My life. Budget. Savings. Holiday. Academics. 
  • Buying: Fruits veggies fruits veggies!
  • Getting: Annoyed at my procrastination. I need to be doing more. 
  • Bookmarking: Random stuff. News. Editorials. Blogs. Reading everything except books. 
  • Disliking: The short days
  • Opening: A box of Fish Oil capsules
  • Giggling: At the amount of work load I have and how I'm here writing this blog post, that I plan to post right NOW!
  • Feeling: Anxious. So much to do..so little time.
  • Snacking: Whittaker's Dark Ghana Chocolate (72% Cocoa)
  • Coveting: New running shoes
  • Wishing: Health or closure for my grand dad
  • Helping: Book holiday for friends
  • Hearing: Someone's heels in the corridor
And Done! Love doing such fun tags. If you end up doing one, please link me to the post in the comments below. Also, what are you upto?
Here's to the weekend!

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