Lime Crime Eyeliner in 'Lazuli' - Review + Swatches +FOTD!

What’s Lazuli you ask? A unique word... Isn't it? I didn't bother researching about it till last week. Hooray to blogging I get to learn such varied topics.

Last month I bought this Lime Crime eyeliner in ‘Lazuli’ that the website says is ‘an electric blue inspired by Lapis Lazuli & would enhance brown eyes'. As much as I wanted to buy citreuse, the neon-citrus yellow, I decided to play safe and go with this deep blue shade that claims to suit brown eyes. BROWN EYES!! Yesss.. This had my name written all over it. However, after testing the formula…. I wouldn't mind that neon yellow or heck even the purple one!


MAC Retro Matte 'All Fired Up' Review+Swatches+FOTD!

How I have scoured countless airports & MAC stores in various cities… just for one lipstick... to hear one response 'OUT OF STOCK'! Before the onset of our 3 month holiday, I tried it on at a MAC store in Auckland when ‘Retro Matte Collection’ was just out. With all the wedding expenses… buying from India was a saner choice ($26 vs $40). Little did I know, Limited edition collections should be snapped the minute you lay your eyes on one.

Fast forward the holiday, 4 months later… this shows up in post! A wedding present from a dear friend. The best wedding present I told her & rightly so. I hardly ever go this crazy for a makeup item. OK! Utopia was another level though!

Described as ‘Bright Fuchsia Matte’ on MAC website, then a part of ‘MAC Retro Matte Collection’ and now a permanent fixture in MAC stores, ‘All Fired Up’ is everything but bright fuchsia. It’s more of a pinky red, a mildly cool toned red with hints of fuchsia.


The Week Gone By-2

I’m loving the whole spring vibe. It makes you active and we've been walking, more so to check people's gardens.

-It’s been 4 months since we moved into this new house. It's newly constructed, understandably the garden is a mess. There's knee high weeds of every color. Finally, work will resume on it coming week. I've been googling a lot of ‘sow & forget about’ plants. Need low maintenance stuff as we both have zero frickkin experience with gardening. It's a bit overwhelming. Where do we start?

I’m thinking of having raised bed of veggies. What are some low maintenance veggies for spring/summer?
The only good thing about our Garden right now! Pretty Lavender booming.
- The search for my makeup table was finally drawing close and right when I went to purchase this Ikea desk… OUT OF STOCK! I’m rather desperate for permanent makeup storage.
Ikea Micke Desk : Pic courtesy www.ikea.com


The Fault In Our Stars!

So I've just finished watching 'The Fault in Our Stars' & Oh my my! I just had to pen down my emotions. It's kinda therapeutic you know. I have to get this film out of my system coz i know... I just know it'll stay with me for a long time. Like 'Lootera' has stayed (a Bollywood movie). Some movies just touch you.... profoundly! So at the end of 2 hours & 13 minutes, you are a different person. Different in so many ways...

'Maybe 'okay' will be our 'always'
Hubby watched Godzilla on his comp/ DIY home theater upstairs. Me & girly flatmate went on to find fault in our stars downstairs. As soon as the movie ends, I sprint up the stairs, sans slippers, interrupt his roaring movie, hug him & cry for a good few minutes. He knows me.. no questions asked! I am pretty vocal with my emotions. I like to cry out loud. I love crying... It's my thing. 


MAC Lipstick in 'Lady Danger' - Review + FYI FOTD!

Behold Lady Danger's in the house!

I've been wanting to own Lady Danger from the day I've known MAC- this & Ruby Woo. You put a product on at store & Bamm! It's like made for you.. but then your wallet debit card screams at you for even thinking of spending $40 on a lipstick. That's a week's food, minus the breakfast. Those vanilla cluster oats are seriously expensive!

When ‘I love beauty’ website had it on special, I just couldn't hold myself. The Irony! After shipping charges I saved about $4 in total. Worth waiting a few years for a lippy? Why no sale at MAC!
Oh RIP ‘I Love Beauty’. That online store shut it's doors servers last month :(

On MAC website ‘Lady Danger’ is described as ‘Vivid-bright Coral Red with Matte finish’.


Ecostore Normal Shampoo Review!

This is part 2 of my virtual hair care series – Part 1 here. As I mentioned in my previous hair care post, I alternate between two shampoo's these days – Sorbet Damage Control Bar & the one being reviewed in this post – Ecostore Normal Shampoo.

Ecostore is a pioneer eco-friendly NZ brand. Since last 30 years, they've made everything from dishwashing liquids to nappy cleansers. They've recently forayed into personal care stuff with plant based soaps, lip balm, shampoo & all that jazz. What a commendable effort! Unlike other markets, NZ doesn't have that acute lack of natural brands but a more affordable range, offering a lot of choice to consumers is always a breath of fresh air.


The Week Gone By! 1

I'd love to write more often, so here's a new series on the blog- A summary of the week gone by, to be posted every Friday!

 How does that sound?
 Just a snippet of randomness that happened during the week.. like a weekly diary!

- I noticed a few grey hair hiding under my black mane. I'm scared the hair coloring days aren't far... probably only a year or 2 away. I've never colored my hair.
- The Saturday morning walk to Hunua Falls was a special one! Its a regional park close by and we'd never been there. About 3 years in Auckland now! Such a shame. The falls were beautiful.
Me and Sunshine love to walk... just walk.. carefree & hysterically laughing. Never thought I'll say this.. I've been loving weekend mornings.. the earlier the better. May be its the whole warm weather kicking in syndrome. I hate winters like anything. Hate is a strong word but I do feel strongly about winters.

- With the walks, sunscreen is back on the vanity shelf. I'm quite liking the Lakme 9 to 5 mattyfying sunscreen. Review coming soon.
- The Lipidol face cleansing oil is getting more love. Takes off that sunscreen well too.

- We watched many  movies this week (at home!). The only one that stands out was an oldie, The US Marshall. It was about a foiled US Marines conspiracy, somewhere around those lines!
Perks of marrying a movie buff....

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?
We have a dinner invitation and a live music concert to go to... More on that in the next update. It's an eventful weekend for a change! Might dress up too :) Stay in the loop through my Instagram!

See you Monday!
Nish xo


Matte White Nails! OPI Matte Top Coat+ Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party - Review + NOTD!

I love white and absolutely dig matte textures! Matte white has to be the classiest combo ever.

Now I’m pretty bad with nail art. Blame the unsteady hand but that doesn't stop me from giving it a go. This blog is my creative outlet so I figure why not document my nail art progress here!
Here you go
Matte White Nails…


NYX Xtreme Lip Creams - Bonfire, Strawberry Cream & Spicy - Review + FOTD!

After my love affair with matte’s since last few months, I had this urge to go glossy over the weekend & was pleasantly surprised. Now you can’t beat the longevity of a matte lipstick but pumped & juicy lips are hard to ignore as well. I bought these NYX  Lip Creams sometime late last year & was surprised they were still sealed. I really need to sort out my makeup!!

Instead of doing three separate posts & annoy you, here’s 3-in-1 post.

NYX Xtreme Lip Creams were introduced by NYX after the astronomical success of their Soft Matte lip Creams which happens to be my fav formula (minus the smell). Antwerp is the best shade ever created.

Xtreme lip creams are high on gloss, pigmentation & longevity. They are pretty much a cross between lipstick & lip gloss with a bit of lip stain thrown into the mix. Sounds Exotic?


Burberry 'My Burberry' EDP Review!

It’s here! The much awaited new scent by Burberry- ‘My Burberry’* is finally here. Created by Ace perfumer Francis Kurkijdan, inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat and a wet English garden after rain. 

The honey-beige bottle symbolizes the hues of a trench coat.
The tortoise shell ‘button’ stopper symbolizes the buttons of a trench coat.
That ribbon you see on the neck is the fabric ‘Gabardine’, the weatherproof fabric invented & patented by Thomas Burberry in 1879.

A century later, there are thousands of imitations but a classic shall always remain so.


Sorbet Damage Control Solid Shampoo Bar Review!

I’ve been asked to do a hair care post so many times.. consider this part of a virtual hair care series. You may have spotted my hair in posts such as this & this! Yeah... I like to use them as an accessory. I'm obsessed with them.

The wonderful green bar!
It baffles me why this solid shampoo bar hasn't been reviewed on the blog yet? I've even repurchased it.

Sorbet is a 100% solid skin and hair care company born and bred in NZ. The brand is all about sensational solid products. Why waste money on products that can have up to 90% water? They want you to add the water and believe in giving 100% of product matter. Can you imagine a solid conditioner, moisturizer & even a world first, solid tanning bar? Pretty amazing eh?

While it is quite ingenious & a great USP to sell a solid bar to a population that has only ever known liquid shampoo (Correct me if I'm wrong), it didn't quite cut it for me. What I was blown away was the amazing reviews these bars got!


Best Cleanser for Dry Skin. Vol 3. Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil Review!

It does seem like I have a new obsession after Lime Crime VelvetinesLipidol! Third product in just over a week. Considering how much I love face washes, Cleansing Face Oil was a natural path to follow. RRP of $9.95 was a major draw card. It doesn't hurt much when a cheapy turns out to be a dud! Isn't it?

Lipidol is a new skincare range to hit our shores. It constitutes of 6 oil-based skincare products. It’s from the makers of world famous scar treatment, Bio-oil! I've already reviewed their After Shower Oil and Cleansing Body Oil.


Mooncup Reusable Menstrual Cup Review!

OK! So this one is tricky! If you're a guy please look away now. This will be mutually embarrassing. Gone??

Ladies... ever heard of menstrual cup? Mooncup? Divacup? No?? Quite likely! We'll quickly cover the basics then.

Menstrual cup is a silicone cup/funnel designed to be used instead of pads & tampons - Environment friendly and easy to deal with. This has the power to make those 5-days a breeze (Excluding the Day-1 cramps! hate them like anything).

The brand I'm using (as I type... eeek!!) is Mooncup that I've bought off Santé beauty. Nellie was quite keen on me giving it a go & writing about it! At that time it felt all cool but it's harder to write than I thought.
This is my third period using Mooncup, so safe to say I've tried it on for a fair amount of time. In all honestly, this is the second best thing to happen to us women after lingerie. I no longer have to worry about the dreadful day1 as you are never quite sure which & how many pads you should be carrying! I had been a tampon girl lately and not even the super flow ones would suffice a work day. Since Mooncup, in these 3 months, I haven't used a single tampon or pad!! That's quite something.

How this works?


ARTDECO Art Couture Nail Lacquer in 626, 721, 776- Review + NOTD!

Ever wondered what's the easiest thing to review? Nail Paints! Super easy to tell if they are worth it or not! Unlike skin products! One coat and you know if its a score or dud! Come day 2 ... and you know whether you will be putting it on again or not!
How many of you have those un-loved nail paints that you were so sure about in the shops? Both my hands up!!

ARTDECO (Is it supposed to be in capital letter always?) has just released their spring collection and here's my experience with the 3 shades I received for review purposes!


Best Cleansers for Dry Skin! Vol 2- Skinfood New Zealand "Cleans All" Review!

Here's Vol 1- Trilogy's Very Gentle Cleansing Cream! Just in case you are wondering!

Moving on with the series!

What skincare brand do you see yourself using when you'd be old & frail? Ever thought of it?
I know I'd be all about natural skincare and would have Skinfood & Trilogy products all over my vanity. Both NZ brands, both natural & effective. I've never been disappointed by either of them!

Skinfood's mud masque is the best thing eva! It's a staple at my place. Sunshine is quick to fetch the tube whenever I ask him..! it's the only one he recognizes and he's known to use wrong products at wrong places! So it's a big deal ;)

'Cleans All' is a daily facial cleanser that is super gentle & god-send for dry skin. After winning a sample sachet of it off their Facebook page. I was in love! I just had to go buy one!

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