SustainaBLAH Stainless Steel Razor Review

7 November 2019

Sustainablah stainless steel safety razor review

Want to know about one of my most vivid childhood memory? So one fine day my father who sports a beard and moustache comes home from work and has no beard. Nothing. Nil. Nada. He looks like a completely different man. Someone who lost 10 kg instantly after shaving off all that hair. My guess is that he got sick of picking out grey hair. I think my husband is a bit pissed off about them too; they are unrelenting. And thus began my father's saga of shaving every morning. Some warm water in a steel bowl, a stainless steel safety razor, fresh sharp blade and a dirty sink that he never bothered to clean up after. This lasted for many many years. And then another fine day, Gillette 10 pack disposable shaving razors came home, and they never left. Plastic had made its way into our middle-class family homes. My father did re-use that disposable plastic razor a number of times before moving on to the next one, but it was still a substantial waste, that no one bat an eyelid about in those days. We were becoming modern. The stainless steel safety razor lay by the sink for a few more months and then it was forgotten and never used.
Fast forward, today’s times. Plastic is ubiquitous. It’s a nightmare. The world is changing and rethinking its plastic consumption. It’s the need of the hour. We are talking about climate change in the day to day conversations. We need to go back to those pre-plastic revolution times.

Sustainablah stainless steel safety razor review nz

Sustainablah stainless steel safety razor nz
I do make a conscious effort every day to curb my reliance on plastic. Here’s another thing added to the list.
The humble stainless steel razor is back! And look how beautiful is this rose gold beauty from SustainaBLAH. So chic!
I’ve been using this razor for a couple of weeks now and I can confirm that I’m a convert. It’s so smooth, so hassle-free, super gentle and guilt-free. With proper care, it can last me a lifetime. That in itself is a huge drawcard because if you use plastic razors regularly, the costs do add up. This stainless steel razor will pay for itself very soon (retails for $39.90 NZD, gifted to me).
This razor is butterfly wing type. I twist the bottom to open the top. A thin, sharp stainless steel blade can then be inserted in and done! It's ready to use.
What proper care you ask? Since it’s stainless steel, it’s durable for life. For maintenance, it is recommended to disimpart the razor, remove the blade, soak razor in warm & mild soapy water and then carefully wipe it off with an old towel. Another tip is to oil it with a little baby oil once washed and dried.
The chrome plating on this razor is made to resist rust.
The razor comes with one disposable blade. More blades are available at SustainaBLAH website.

stainless steel safety razor review

stainless steel safety razor for woman

best stainless steel safety razor review

Where do I shave? You know I’m mostly a wax girl when it comes to hair removal. I still wax my legs and arms. However, I have been dry shaving my face for several years now. A couple of years ago, I used to get laser done on face and underarms regularly. Since it is not advisable to be exposed to laser when pregnant or breastfeeding, I’m off laser for the last 2 years.
For my laser treatments, the technician made me shave off all the hair from my face and underarms before an appointment. This made me a habitual razor user. I now shave my face and underarms every few weeks. I don’t get extensive hair growth. I know many beauty influencers and media personalities who do it. Makeup goes on so smooth, it’s addictive. However, I urge you to do your own research. I posted an IGTV video on the entire process, so if you'd like to see me shaving, click here to watch the video. It's a short and sweet video. It was my first time using the SustainaBLAH razor that day. Been a convert since!
Do I recommend SustainaBLAH safety razor? 100 %. It's good for the environment, good for the body, no ingrown hair, easy to use and very gentle on skin. I usually get micro-tears of sorts from the plastic razor. These cuts used to sting for several days afterwards. With this razor, there were no cuts whatsoever. So it's actually safer as the name suggests (safety razor!)
SustainaBLAH safety razor is available online at various stockists like their own website, Oh Natural website, MightyApe, etc. Google it and you shall find a way to get it in your bathroom.

woman shaving razor nz

Do you shave? What do you use? Disposable razors? Would you make the switch? Talk to me in the comments below.

This blog post is sponsored. However, all my views are honest, as always.

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