Back Pain Update- I was cured of 1.5 years of back pain in 40 minutes!! This is NOT a drill...

23 March 2017

If you are not aware of my Chronic back pain journey, You should totally read this blog post first- Here's to the most painful year

Done? Moving on..Here's an update. I cured my back pain. My hope did! My mind did! My determination to find a cure did. And because it happened, I'm making sure I let everyone know about it coz back pain or any other chronic pain is a ghost illness. It is depression and hopelessness & all the negativity you can find rolled into one. A very dark place to be! The place you don't wish upon your best enemies. I wanted to let you guys know of my cure because you were a part of this painful journey. This letter posted below was sent to 8 people that treated me in the past 1.5 years- 3 Specialists, 2 Physio's, 1 Chiropractor, 1 GP & 1 ACC personnel (healthcare agency of NZ). I felt they should know the cure because they are in a far better position than me to help thousand others. They are the front-line soldiers. This letter is copied word to word from what was emailed to them. I would like you to share this post with anyone in your life suffering with Chronic pain or any other chronic illness. Education about this is vital. You have no idea how immensely you can enrich someone's life. If you have any more questions, leave me a comment or send me a personal message on my email , my Instagram handle or my blog Facebook page. I'll be more than happy to answer all your queries. I have a million other things to say but I'll spare you this time...


Hello Dr,

This is Nishu S* here (Back pain patient, DOB **/**/****).  I am writing to you to let you know that I am now completely cured of back pain. It might sound over-ambitious but I will explain my rationale below. 

On 14 Feb, 2017 while browsing the internet (Facebook) on some back pain related article I came upon a strangers comment saying "Read Dr. John Sarno's book. It'll change your life”. As a seeker of back pain cures, having suffered with this debilitating & depressing ghost illness for 1.5 years, I immediately jumped on Google, which led me to YouTube and I ended up watching many of Dr John Sarno's interviews. The first video I watched was 40 minutes long and by the end of it I was free of pain. Tears of joy were shed as I had finally found my cure. I can happily report that I have had no back pain episode since Feb 14. Let me explain you Dr Sarno's theory in a few words. 

TMS - Tension Myositis Syndrome. Basically repressed anger, hidden emotions, life stresses & troubles or childhood trauma lead our brain to take charge which instead of dealing with these stresses directs your attention towards physical pain. Brain creates pain to mask repressed emotions.The fear of onset of pain & brain conditioning to certain sitting & work-out positions invites more stress and hence more pain. I expected it so I got it. As you can imagine I have come to realise the immense power of my mind. Just the awareness that there is nothing structurally wrong with my spine/body and that my brain is creating a distraction, has taken the illness away. The brain has lost the power of its distraction. 

I tested this theory since last few weeks. While my back pain was gone since day 1, I have often found my shoulders strained in response to life stresses. Because I knew it is stress-related and continue exercising & doing life things without fear, I get over it within a night. At the moment, I am doing everything I was told not to do for the past 1.5 years- Swimming, Running, Sitting, Gardening, Driving and everything in between. According to Dr. Sarno it’s vital to do these rituals to relieve brain of its fear of certain activities. This is the hardest part of recovery process as for some long-time sufferers, the fear is deep rooted. He mentions in the book that it is not unusual for patients in their recovery to get up one morning and find pain in a completely unrelated body part. Funnily enough, I woke up with pain in my feet on Feb 15. I smiled. My brain was losing its distraction plot and finding new pain/stress outlet.

TMS pain has psychological origin but physiologic symptoms. My pain was always real. Its origin wasn’t. When brain detects stress, it directs the autonomic nervous system to constrict blood flow to a particular organ (In my case lower back & shoulders). This slight depletion in oxygen creates pain sensation. The pins and needles down my whole left leg haven't happened since last few weeks as my sciatica nerve is no longer involved in this TMS process. 

I am typing this email sitting in a 1.5 hour flight which I never thought I'll be able to sit through. I am writing to let you know because you are in a position to help many others like me. 

Chronic pain is a very dark place to be and I wish to show light to many others like me. Most chronic pain sufferers are in a cycle like I was - specialists, massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, MRI, X-rays, Chiro, anti-inflammatory & neuro-suppressor pills. It's a never ending cycle. Knowing that it was just my mind and stress that lead to a condition that took the joy out of 1.5 years of my life has me gobsmacked. I feel cheated. I would encourage you to read Dr. John Sarno's book 'Healing Back Pain'. It changed my life. From standing in movies, restaurants, flights, home and everywhere to actually sitting. The bliss to be able to sit! 
The author suggests that most chronic illnesses of today's times are tension manifested - hay fever, eczema, allergies, migraine, back & shoulder pain, sciatica, peptic ulcers, gastrointestinal ailments, etc. It is a big statement to make but you are in a position to research more about it. We just need an open mind.

The herniated disc or disc bulges that appeared in my diagnosis are as normal for any spine. As we age, we degenerate. Minor disc bulges are part and parcel of this aging process. Our bodies have amazing self-healing powers. Femur bone, the largest bone in our body takes 6 weeks to heal, if broken. Why do we think that an intense exercise session or two hours of gardening one fine day in Sept 2015 will give me 1.5 years of pain? With no healing signs whatsoever & spreading to more locations with every morning I woke up?

I stopped Amitriptyline tablets and any other anti-inflammatory pills (Brufen) that I was ingesting daily on Feb 14, 2017 and have had no sudden withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I’m sure you’ll be delighted to hear this. My new pill is venting my anger and writing a journal. Who would've thought! 

I hope you'll help and educate more patients on the power of mind. The key to cure is accepting the fact that it's all in our mind. The mind-body connection is little understood but is vital for our healing. I waited for more than a month to write this so I could confirm that this was not a placebo effect. Of course, I still have my scientific hat on!

I thank you wholeheartedly for being a part of my journey. It’s been one hell of a ride. 

Kind Regards 


And as you can imagine, I'm in a certain euphoria since this last month. It was the best Valentine's I ever had, even though husband was overseas on a trip that I couldn't make because of my back pain. Oh the irony of it! 
Now that I'm back to normal life, I feel like I can deal with anything that life throws at me. Having good health is everything! To put things into perspective, I have no regrets over the time lost to pain. I believe in destiny. My time had to come. It finally arrived. And when it did, pain had already made me stronger! Now I'm stronger, kinder and better. I'm sending good vibes to you guys too...

Just hold on to hope! It is OK to shout, cry, feel sad, question life but just don't lose hope. 

Any questions? Please comment below! I would seriously love to help as many people as I can. TMS works on many Chronic illnesses and not just back pain. Just read 1500+ positive reviews of Dr. Sarno's book on Amazon and you'll be convinced!


P.S. Here's the book that changed my life! And a few more from Dr. Sarno on the same subject that I'm still in the process of reading. 

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