MAC Retro Matte Collection is back with 12 swooning shades! All details & review of 3 liquid lipsticks in here!

27 March 2017

MAC retro matte collection review

And MAC retro mattes are back! At your nearest MAC store, 12 new nude-ish shades of Retro matte liquid lip colors are now on sale. With $50 NZD a pop, they sure as hell don't come cheap but they do pack a punch. I already a own a few shades from MAC Retro matte range (Feels so Grand, Kabuki 'This Modern Age') and couldn't be more happier with new subtler, more everyday shades. I feel the lighter shades in Retro mattes are a better pick than dark bold ones as after a lot of eating, the colors do seem to fade out near the inner lip. With nude shades, you wouldn't have that distinctive line. Of corse, things will be a lot forgivable if a lip liner is used underneath, which I never do, for research purposes.

MAC retro matte collection nz

MAC retro matte collection swatches

I was sent 3 shades from this collection and its safe to say I love them- Burnt spice (Creamy Dirty Rose), Carnivorous (a blackened red) and Ess-presso (Deepened Chocolate Brown). Ess-presso might not be my pick for an everyday wear shade but I have fallen head over heels for Burnt Spice. Such a beautiful nude shade for my medium ethnic skin. It works a charm. There's hardly any pink in it when I put it on my lips but it still works.

MAC Burnt Spice liquid lipstick

MAC Burnt Spice review

MAC burnt spice on nc 35 skin

MAC burnt spice on indian skin

best nude lipstick for dark skin

Ess-presso looks more like greyish brown to me as opposed to a deepened chocolate brown as MAC states. Nevertheless works great for my medium skin!

MAC retro matte ess-presso swatch

MAC Ess-presso liquid lipstick

MAC retro matte esspresso liquid lipstick

AMC ess-presso on medium indian skin

MAC Ess-presso on dark nc35 skin

Carnivorous is Dark red. A blackened red is an accurate description. During daylight, it appears darker than these photos I took in evening light. It's nevertheless a beautiful bold shade.

MAC Carnivorous

MAC retro matte Carnivorous lipstick review

MAC Carnivorous liquid red lipstick

MAC retro matte carnivorous review

Here are the swatches of other shades from this collection-

I'm digging Lady Be Good and Topped With Brandy. Such pretty muted tones! They look like velvety suede.

MAC retro matte collection swatches

Retro matte liquid lipsticks are matte, like seriously matte. They take a minute to dry and then they set. If you are not having overly greasy food, these lipsticks will stay for hours on end. I don't recommend layering them though. Only one layer is enough for bold opaque color. The more you layer, the more prone it is to flaking & flaking is ugly. So its best to avoid topping it up.

Having a matching lip liner underneath these would save you from the ugly flaky look and even the need to retouch so I'd highly recommend that. Retro mattes are my picks for events where I need a bold long-stay color but also where I'm not hogging like a pig. A sophisticated blogging event comes to mind. A pizza party wouldn't be an ideal event to rock these. I'd prefer MAC's retro matte lipsticks in that occasion.

MAC carnivorous on medium dark indian nc35 skin

I hope you found this review helpful. Do you love liquid lipsticks? Any retro matte shade that entices you among these MAC ones? Talk to me in the comments below :) Hey do you like this nose ring by the way?

best of MAC retro matte liquid lip collection


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