My Haircare Routine + some Tips n'Tricks!

18 February 2015

Finallyyyy!! I know a few of you are looking forward to this! Not sure if its going to be helpful to anyone out there but these are the products that have been working for me for a last wee while. I keep changing my hair care routine and love experimenting with new shampoo's! Recently, I've been consciously trying to go SLS- free (it's Sodium laureth sulfate for those of you living under the rock! Basically the foamy bit that is an irritant and strips your hair of good oils and also has the ability to penetrate your skin!). Though I still can't bring myself to chuck that 1 Liter of my favorite Joico K-Pak Shampoo which has sulfates in it.

♡ My hair type: Thick, black, medium-length, dry at ends, greasy at roots after day 2.5, dandruff prone, a wee bit wavy, typical Indian unmanageable hair!

♡ I'm obsessed with long hair. My dream hair are waist length, though I'd probably never get there. I've been thinking of clip-in extensions for the longest time. Any recommendations girls?

♡ Though I have both Ghd's and a Babyliss curling wand.. I use them about once a year! So pretty much my hair aren't subjected to any heat damage. It's not intentional..I just prefer my hair wavy and natural!

♡ I like to alternate between two shampoo and conditioners. Currently, Sorbet Damage control shampoo, Sorbet Wonderbar Conditioning bar and Mane n Tail Gro Shampoo n Conditioner off are gracing the shelves. Oh! that Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo is off iHerb too. Guess you can make out my obsession with big, long hair!

♡ I almost always apply a leave-in treatment to damp hair

♡ I also take 50mg Biotin as hair supplement. It's my secret weapon.

♡ And lastly, once a week (or two) warm oil treatment. My favorite one at the moment has to be cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil with a dash of rosemary/ peppermint/ castor or Argan oil. I'm pretty moody when it comes to oils so the recipe keeps varying. Btw have you checked out my oil collection? Picture here !! I have added more oils to the collection recently!

Some hair tips anyone?  Here's what I've learned about hair care in my 25+ life!

The max length my hair has been!
♡ The lesser you wash, better your hair will be! I wash my hair twice a week.. no less.. no more! I'm glad to be in a job where I'm required to tie up my hair. That really prevents them from getting greasy. If they do, I'd still do a messy bun and wouldn't care to wash them. Washing strips hair of moisture and good natural oils! The more you wash..the drier they'll get.

Conditioner is a must. Puts back what you've taken out during washing!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is an excellent natural conditioner/ hair rinse. Hello shiny beautiful hair!

Towel dry your hair slightly before smothering on the conditioner. If your hair are still wet and dripping after shampoo, how will the conditioner get in the shaft and smoothen them?

♡ Don't believe what Bollywood movies show you! Always tilt your head down towards the front side when you wash hair so water runs down in the front and not your back (not face either, just straight to the floor). I live by this rule. If you get acne on your back, this might be causing it!

Last rinse with cold water to seal the ends!

Eat protein. Period.

Combing hair before shower saves them from tangles and excessive hair fall during head bath.

Never comb wet hair. They are quite fragile then.

Oiling for about 2 hours before shower will keep your hair healthy and happy.

♡ Using heat protectant before styling is a must (Tresemmé one is good!). Don't fry them for heavens sake!

Leave-in conditioner is your magic potion if you tend to have frizzy and dry hair after head bath. My favorites are 100% Argan oil (This one from iHerb, Thanks Lena!), a drop of coconut oil or Kerastase Elixir Ultime.

♡ Take supplements if you feel your diet isn't adequate. Is it ever? 
I swear by Biotin (150mcg). It works crazy for hair growth. A sure shot recipe! Omega 3-Fish Oil capsules give you healthy hair as well.

CAUTION: Research thoroughly before you put something on or in your body. I use Biotin on and off as I have concerns it might accelerate body hair as well (Please tell me I'm wrong!). Moderation is key. I tend to go Biotin route when I need my hair healthy and long faster. Say an Indian wedding coming up ;)

♡ If your hair are prone to static, avoid rubbing them with towel after wash. Instead squeeze the water n go Dab Dab! 

♡ Go SLS free if you suffer from itchy flaky scalp.

♡ If you have dandruff prone scalp like mine, avoid leave-in products on scalp. This includes Dry Shampoo. Maintaining a clean scalp has worked wonders for controlling my dandruff break outs.

♡ I don't believe in getting my hair trimmed every 6-weeks or so. a.) I can't afford it. b.) My hair grow at snails pace aka They simply don't grow. So I get a trim only when I spot some split ends. As and when needed is my mantra. Usually about twice a year! **Shudders**

♡ Love your tresses and they'll love you back

All done! Sorry for the super long post! If you've reached this far you are AWESOME! Though I feel I haven't disclosed any magic potions here but lemme know if it was helpful to any one of you. It'll make me super happy!

Also, I'd love to hear your tips and tricks? I'm so bad at styling them.. Even using a hair dryer for heavens sake! Any advise?

Nishu xo

P.S. I've been making the most of summer and swimming in pool quite regularly. Chlorine-laden pool water isn't actually being kind to my hair. Do you know of any products that'll help?

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