NYX Extreme Blue Studio-Liquid Eyeliner Vs. Lime Crime Eyeliner in 'Lazuli'

11 February 2015

Check out my new blue eyeliner? How's it? Cool? Just cool? Coz I'm obsessed with it! Presenting NYX Studio Eyeliner in Xtreme Blue- At $4.50 USD from Cherryculture.com, I might have scored a pretty big deal!

Lime Crime 'Lazuli' started a new obsession- Blue Eyeliners. Since I won't be able to afford another one from Lime Crime anytime soon ($25 for a pint size!!)... I've found a good enough alternative in NYX.

These are not the same shade...but blue nevertheless.

How does it compare to Lime Crime Eyeliner in 'Lazuli' you ask?

- Both shades are totally different. While Lime Crime Lazuli (full review here) is an azurite blue, NYX Xtreme blue is a metallic blue (See swatch below).

- NYX one is more eye catching and multi-dimensional as it has that foiled metallic effect in it.

- NYX Xtreme blue has passed the longevity test with flying colors. It stayed on all day.

- NYX's brush (its a brush, not felt tip) is quite easy to maneuver & get that winged liner look. Both brands have brushes made of same type of fibres although I preferred Lime Crime's brush to NYX's. NYX one didn't have a very refined tip. Maybe I need to cut a bit of it? In saying that, I was able to create a winged liner look easily. Its so much better than felt tip ones any day.

- Smudgeproof - I repeatedly touched with my fingers & NYX Studio liner just won't budge. Lazuli was like that too.

- Weatherproof? If you get caught in light rain & don't rub your eyes, NYX liner will stay. Rub your wet eyes, the liner peels off in lumps. The Lime Crime one wasn't waterproof as well but it dissolved in water rather than peeling off. So NYX is likely to perform better on wet days (provided you resist the urge to touch your eyes)

Verdict: NYX has made me go weak at my knees again! So many good products. This Studio liner in Xtreme blue is a stunner for the price you pay ($4.50). I cannot compare it to Lime Crime liquid Eyeliner in terms of color as both Lazuli & Xtreme blue are two totally different blues. Xtreme blue is a metallic royal blue with a foil finish. Its bright, bold, long-wearing, smudge proof & what not (Umm not waterproof!!).
I say go buy, you won't regret it one bit!!

P.S. Incase you didn't notice, I have brown eyes and blue totally complements them. Like Chocolate and ice cream! Ok.. forget the analogy but you get what I mean right?

Are you a fan of colored liners? Whats your eye color and which shades work on your eyes? I'm so keen to hear!

Nishu xx

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