Winter Warmers Vol 3- Make Up Removers!

22 July 2014

I couldn't decide what to post next in the winter series: Makeup removers or Cleansers! It's such an overlapping subject. Most cleansers double up as makeup removers but that would've made it a long post and I certainly don't want to put you guys off reading! So I've decided to focus on solely makeup removers in this post. Will do the cleansers next!

I have an OCD... It's called "Take the Frickkn makeup Off". I've suffered with it all my life and have fully embraced it now. It does sometime annoy/baffle people around me. During my hostel days, I used to be that weird one scrubbing off every trace of makeup on a cold night with freezing water (I hardly put on any back then.. what was I scrubbing off?). We didn't have hot water in our bathroom sinks back then. I'm still the same..the crazy chic who would take off every atom of makeup even when drunk (I don't like drinking!!). So fair to say it's an OCD. I've never slept with it on in my whole blimmin life and I cringe at the thought of anyone who does so. Not judging but that's just me!

About my skin, it's dry. So I tend to avoid heavy, full power and alcohol laden stuff but you know how hard it is to escape that stuff. It's usually there in one form or another.

So yup! One face= too many makeup removers around my place. Let's go through each of them briefly!

1. Missha M Perfect BB Cleansing Oil ($49.50 for 200ml)

Missha is a famous Korean Brand. I'm a big fan of their M Perfect BB Cream, the only one that has such a wide color selection, like a foundation. Not just your usual light, medium & dark. FYI. For anyone keen on their BB cream: Highly recommended. I'm shade 27 on their color spectrum, MAC NC 30-35. It's a perfect match on me.

This is a sample size pottle
Now, onto the cleansing oil. This came free with the BB cream. and because I buy their BB frequently, I have couple of these oils lying around. It boasts of some patent plant botanical extracts and smells very plant like too. Its a thin, clear oil. I just take some on my palm and rub onto my cake face. It spreads beautifully, takes off all makeup, waterproof aswell. The best part, when I wash it, it turns into water like consistency, so no oily residue at all. It's almost magical!
The only downside: It can sting eyes, pretty badly, so avoid the eyes at all costs. Apart from that no complaints at all. Wouldn't mind using it as long as it comes free!

Buy it from : Official Missha NZ website

2. Santé Makeup Remover ($16.50 for 50 ml): After the astounding success with the body butter from this 100% natural NZ brand, I've been bowled yet again by their makeup remover. With just 2 ingredients, this has to be the cleanest one I own- Olive oil & Witch Hazel. It's a bi-phase one and totally rocking my boat at that!

You've gotta shake the bottle and tip some of this yellow gold onto palm. I tend to massage it onto face. It dissolves all the gunk and the witch hazel leaves me with flushed cheeks for whatever reason. I think it's a pretty awesome performer for something that is 100% natural. Only downside would be the oily residue that just doesn't wash off with water. A cleanser is a must and like all oil based removers it can form a film over eye ball. Nothing that a good squirt of warm water can't undo.
I just went on Santé website and found this:
"This eye make-up remover not only removes the toughest of eye make-up, but it also acts as an eye cream at the same time. To use simply shake the bottle and apply a small amount to a cloth, cotton pad or tissue. Swipe across the eye area (with the eye closed). No need to follow with an eye cream!"

Seems like I've been using it the wrong way the whole time. Time to rediscover this product!!

Well done Santé! Another game changer.

Buy it from : Official Santé website

3. Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($10 for 125 ml): This was an impulse buy. We were a bunch of girls heading to Goa for a vacation and I realised I didn't pack my makeup remover. Asked around and no body seemed to be bothered but me being me couldn't imagine my 3 day holiday without a frickinn make up remover.

So off I go through the Delhi duty free shops and pick up the first one I come across. I had never been disappointed by Rimmel before so didn't mind buying without reading reviews online **Shudders**. I would've forgiven it for stinging my eyes if it didn't say "GENTLE EYE makeup remover" on it (notice those two words!). It's not Gentle and certainly not for the eyes. Its pretty bad so never gets anywhere near my eyes now. However, OK for the face (defeats the purpose.. duhh!!). It's pretty runny so I tend to soak a cotton ball of it and rub that all over my madeup face. Works a charm. That's about it really! Not a fan but since I've paid for it, I'll finish it! Even if it means drenching the cotton with double than whats needed. To sum it up,It's pretty decent but I won't buy it again. Doesn't do what it says, Gentle eye my foot!

Buy it from : Beautyjoint website or Airport duty-free

4. Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye & Lip ($7 for 70ml): I saved the best for last. This is my HG makeup remover. I've gone through many bottles of it and will continue buying until someone buys me Clinique Take the Day off Balm (It's Amazeballs! but oh so expensive). It says Eye and Lip but I tend to use it all over face. It's a bi-phase one too so takes off both oil and water based makeup with just one swipe. I adore it coz it's so gentle on my eyes, taking off water proof mascara and that stubborn eyeliner on lower lash-line in seconds. I never have to worry about red eye. Easily available, affordable and works a charm. For once I'm not complaining.

  Buy it from: Supermarkets and various online stores

5. Would also like to give an honorable mention to the Nivea's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($12 for 125ml)! If you have dry skin.. it's so so good. It's one of my favs. I know I have an empty bottle of this lying somewhere in my stash but just can't be bothered to click a pic of it. It takes off all kinds of makeup, even the waterproof one in a single swipe. It's creamy so no dryness.

Not my pic!
 Buy it from: Supermarkets and various online stores

VERDICT- If you can't decide which one to buy, Maybelline would be my pick for outdoors & holidays, its fuss-free. Nivea would be my preffered one for the lips. When at home, I'd much rather prefer a clean and chemical free makeup remover like Santé. I don't mind spending an extra few seconds clearing up the oily residue for something that is 100% natural. 

And that's a Wrap!! Keep a look out for cleansers in the next post, specially if you have dry skin and are on a hunt for gentle ones.

Till then...
Keep warm
Nishu xo

Was this post helpful to you? Whats your favorite Makeup Remover?

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  1. Thanks so much Nishu! Amazing review and am totally stoked! As you mention it can leave an oily residue, but I've had some customers say they like that as it acts as a moisturiser and they don't have to follow with an eye cream because of this. Bonus! Hope you are enjoying using it. Let me know if you have any questions! Nellie x

    1. Hey Nellie! So glad you love the review but you honestly deserve it hun! I can understand why someone would prefer to have some leftover oil on their face but that's just me and my OCD! All makeup HAS TO leave my face. If I leave that oil on, I keep feeling like its got my makeup gunk dissolved in it so I need to escape the feeling. But in all honestly, I prefer a 100% natural product over chemical laden stuff. Keep up the good work hun.. You'll go places xo

  2. I really want to try the RImmel London make up remover. I'm a big fan of rimmel london and since you say it is quite gentle and only 10 bucks i might try it out since I normally stick to wipes to remove my makeup.

    1. Hey Zoe! Thanks for dropping by! Yup! Rimmel is good but not the best. I love the Maybelline one and its only $7. Great for both the face and eyes. Rimmel one stings eyes. Hope that helps!


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