Winter Warmers Vol 2- Santé Body butter 'Rose Geranium' Review

16 July 2014

What a rare moment! I posted the second part of my winter series before the next winter... This is commendable. **So much humbleness**

So I started my winter series with a post on favorite shower products last week. The weather report is still gloomy as ever.. relentless rains, winds that bring neighbor's panties onto your backyard and a very shy sun which equals to plenty of cold which is directly proportional to stuffing up myself up with food and loads of it coz that tummy is well tucked in layers of fleece.

This week is a lot of blabber about another slather product, a body butter by NZ born and raised , a 100% natural brand, Santé. Nellie from Santé is one hell of a passionate lady-passionate for environment and everything mother Earth. Her Facebook page is a testament to the beliefs she adheres to. How many of us actually approach stores and suggest them to mend their ways to be more environmentally conscious? Hats off to you girl..Doing it way before you preach!

As expected her products have to be 100% of what she believes in -Natural.

The Santé body butter ($23 for 100ml) comes in a recyclable clear packaging. I received this in the scent 'Rose Geranium' . Did you even have to second guess it after my last post? I'm a certified rose fanatic.

This baby is a dirty white thick cream that changes into an oil in about two seconds of coming in contact with your skin (1, 2... yup! That quick) It's pretty heavy so perfect for cold battered skin in winters. I keep it on my side table to dab (n sniff!) some on my hands before I call it a day. The texture is pretty similar to Trilogy's Everything Balm, finish slight more oily though. This might feel heavy but it absorbs so quick (about 5 mins roughly) and makes my skin smooth as. Count on me for using a product in million ways! I've used this body butter for hands, feet, body, lips and as a massage oil. It hasn't failed me.
I'm still a bit conscious in recommending it to anyone with super oily skin. Best for normal to dry skin. I actually prefer this to my The Body Shop duo body butter in Macadamia.

Moisturizing is a chore for me, after shower each day, without fail, since about a million years, but good moisturizers like this and Weleda wild rose one spice up this mundane task. Makes it something to look forward to! I'm all for natural skincare so Santé body butter ticks all the boxes off my list.

The ingredient list is one of the best I've come across. Short n simple!
And it does smell of roses.. duhh!

Bottom line: Buy it! Fancy some other scent? Check out the range on santé .Nellie will be quick to whip one off for you.

Oh! Santé girl is also heading to France soon. So don't dilly dally, order one right away! You won't be disappointed.

Eat local, support local, Slather on local I say!

Watch out for part 3 of this winter series- though I'm confused what to post first!  Makeup removers or Cleansers? What do u reckon?

Till then..
Nishu xo

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  1. Thanks so much for all your kind words, both about the Body Butter and Santé! So glad to hear you are enjoying it! It definitely is quite a rich cream, but as you will have found, a little goes a looooooong way!
    Thanks Nishu!


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