Essence Lip Liner in Satin Mauve- Your $2 nude lipstick!

29 June 2017

Essence lip liner in Satin Mauve review

Essence lip liner in Satin Mauve

Essence lip liner in Satin Mauve on medium indian skin

MAC soar lip liner dupe

Well actually $2.25 but round that off and its $2, ain't it?
I don't have a lot to say today except that you need to go and buy this buddy. Its a humble pencil lipliner but packs a punch for a perfect nude lipstick. With hints of pink & brown, it brightens up medium skin beautifully. Before MAC's Soar lip liner came to my life, this was my go to for all things nude. The lip liner is long-lasting & can be used on its own. It looks great paired with heavy eye makeup too.

'Satin Mauve' shade belongs to the family of MAC Twig, Soar & Mehr, though its less creamy & less opaque than all of them. Also less pinky. This one leans more towards the mauvish brown side but pretty nevertheless.
If you've always wanted to try out nude lip shades on yourself, this one is a perfect start! Highly recommended. You will definitely not regret the $2 spent. Worst case scenario, it's a lip liner so you could use it under any lipstick to prolong its wear time.

Essence is available at Farmers stores in NZ and online on Essence NZ website.

MAC twig dupe

MAC mehr dupe

Essence Satin mauve

Essence lip liner review

Do you like nude lipsticks/lip liners? What's your go-to? Mine has to be Soar lip liner and Twig lipstick. Tell me yours in the comments below.


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