Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Review

3 April 2017

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules review

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules

There was no email, there was no release update...One fine day these mysterious gold capsules turned up on my doorstep (literally!). I opened the box.. Oh its the legendary Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules!! I'm sure these have been around for decades. Why a PR sample now? So many questions! Oh wait! It's the new Advanced formulation of a skincare hero from 1990's. They've added more stuff and wow its expensive! $2.50 for one capsule? That's a lot for fancy skincare..seems like a gimmick! Anddddd so many more random thoughts.
It wasn't until I started researching about them and actually using them that it all started making sense. I researched on its key ingredients and turns out this product is actually backed by scientific research and more so after its new formulation that comes into NZ stores today (April 3, 2017).

The main ingredient of these single use biodegradable capsules is Ceramides (as the name suggests!). Think of our skin as a brick wall with cells as bricks and ceramides, lipids, cholesterol & fatty acids being the mortar holding it all together. As we age (past 30's) the ceramide levels start to plunge rapidly. Hello saggy, dull, dehydrated, wrinkled skin! Unlike collagen which is hardly absorbed when put directly on skin (a skincare gimmick!), ceramides can be absorbed through the skin layers. Yay!
The EA capsules have Ceramides 1, 3 & 6 which work even better when present in a formulation together. Also in the formula is loads of other good skincare stuff like Fatty acids, Cholesterol (new addition), Phytosphinosine (lipid), Sea Fennel extract, Alfa Alfa extract, Tsubaki oil (rich in Vit A, B, D & E and Omegas 3,6 & 9) & Retinyl Palmitate (Vit A). All these ingredients should theoretically and scientifically give you younger looking, firmer, well toned, hydrated and clear luminous skin. Does the product do all that?

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Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules review

Elizabeth arden daily youth restoring serum review

Here's my experience-

The pods/capsules are super easy to use. I just snap off the tip with my nail and then use the silky transparent serum all over my face & neck. The liquid feels like one of those expensive hair serums, light yet slippery on skin, mostly due to presence of silicones, which this product has. The serum is fragrance & preservative free. The air-tight single use capsule packaging ensures that it's delivered fresh each time.

EA suggests using it morning and night. The first night I used it, It felt tad too heavy and took a long time to absorb in so I never used it for my rushed 15 minutes-to-the-door mornings. I also found that one capsule was too much product for my face. I ended up using way too much (Of corse I could use it on my hands & stuff but its actually too expensive to be wasted) so me and husband ended up sharing a capsule every night. One month later, our coalition is still going strong.
I actually wanted him to use it as I could notice his skin looking dull with huge pores and skin texture less firm than usual (saggy would be over exaggeration!). A few weeks of using this, I can vouch that his skin looks more brighter and very firm visibly. More younger looking! I don't think he looks 10 years younger as EA claims of this product but he definitely looks a few years younger. Of corse he believes that its his work-out routine and not the skincare that has worked the magic.Typical men right? Worth a mention that his skin is combination, more towards an oily side & he got no break outs from the serum.

On my skin, I can see its more hydrated, clear, toned and a lil tighter after 3-4 weeks of  usage. Visibly I can never make out if a skincare product is working but with these I've definitely noticed a difference. Of corse its still very subjective. I always believe that your perception of yourself is directly proportional to your mental state on any given day. Keeping in mind my recovery from Chronic Back Pain in February, my mental state has never been better.
I am quite impressed with these genius capsules though. If I were 40 or 50 years old, I would definitely have seen substantial results but my 30 year old skin is still in a good shape (knocks wood!) so I'm a useless subject for this review. Worth a mention that I have super dry skin. There were no break outs and no dry patches either. The serum is designed to be followed by your normal night cream. I followed it with my trusty Rosehip Oil, which has loads of Vitamin A so the serum should be taking my skincare game next level. I also liked that there was no flaking of serum when I applied my skincare oil, which is often the case with other serums I use (I'm looking at you The Body Shop Drops of Youth). Maybe it means that it actually gets absorbed into skin?

So far, I'm quite happy with the product. I like that the science behind the product backs it up!

Will I buy this again? For the effect that I've seen on my husbands skin..yes! But when I'm a bit older and richer. Its a little out of my budget but certainly an anti aging skincare that I can count on. Worth spending $$$ on something that works than inexpensive ineffective stuff.
The serum is made for all skin types. Being fragrance & preservative free, it'll suit sensitive skin just as much as dryer or combination skin types.

The Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum prices in NZ are as follows-
90 Capsules- $195 NZD
60 Capsules- $150 (the one in pictures)
45 Capsules (refill)- $110

Looking at the price, me sharing a capsule with husband pinches a little less :)

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Have you tried EA ceramide capsules? Would you give them a shot? These used to come in pink colored capsules/ampoules back in the day!
Let me know your thoughts below :)


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