My sisters Wedding Shenangians- Part 5- Reception Night

3 October 2016

Apologies if you were waiting on this last post of the series over the weekend. I usually refrain from posting on the weekends because a.) I'm busy b.) I'm sure many of you are out & about too. It takes a lot of hard work before I hit Publish on a post so its kinda a waste if my readers miss it.

All that aside, here's the last and final post from my sisters wedding- The Reception Night! It's a gathering hosted by the groom's side to welcome the new daughter-in-law into their family. The event is fully organised by the boy's side and we had nothing to do except Dress Up, Show Up & have a good time!
It almost sounds too relaxing but the organisation freak in me will always take upon a job to do!

It's a night event and since I wore Indian Outfits to all the functions (Prayer Ceremony, Henna, Sangeet Night & the Wedding), I wanted to wear something western with an Indian aspect to it. Enters the classic black gown but with a twist!

A hand embroidered black cape with gold motifs over a black raw silk gown- big, flowy and elegant. I absolutely loved wearing it. It was amazingly comfortable too until I decided to dance and it got under people's feet. Ouch! #OutfitFail. Though I neither stopped dancing nor changed the clothes.
Ain't nothing stopping me from that crazy Punjabi dance, even if it meant having my whole clan dancing a metre away from me. It was hilarious but also goes to show how your choice of outfit matters. My Orange Sharara at Sangeet was an utter contrast. It was the comfiest thing I ever wore and it helped me dance through the whole night. Anyways, you learn from experiences right?

I'm already thinking of how to mix n match & re-use this outfit. I'm sure I can find a million uses of that cape since it seems to be so on-trend these days. A henna event maybe?

 Disclaimer on the photographs- I'm beginning to think that the groom's side photographer had a certain aversion to me because there are surprisingly not many shots of me & my outfit! I took these pictures on my phone camera after we came back from the event... all tired, lipstick faded and smoky eye not so clean! If I knew I'd have taken out my DSLR that night. I don't have this outfit with me here in NZ so I can't click those pictures either. #FirstWorldProblems
I have to agree that by Day 5, I was literally exhausted. Wedding season was in full swing and I had already attended a wedding with a completely different outfit & makeup that day. So I'm not a fan of these dull grainy pictures either.

Anyways, I think you'll still get an idea of how enormous the black gown was. I can't wait to wear it again because pictures haven't done justice to its beauty.

The gown and cape were tailor-made from scratch from a sketch I made. Yep! again. I did take inspiration from a page I follow on Insta- Harkiran Basra. She made it in a beautiful red.
The gold motifs on the cape were hand-embroidered on net fabric and look so precious.

This gown and cape was brought to life by the talented guys at Barnala Saree Emporio in Patiala (Punjab). Send me a quick message if you want their details. They seriously being your visions to life!

I opted for a black smoky eye and a classic Red Lipstick (Ruby Woo) with the gown. It actually looked pretttty as opposed to the drained out look in the photo! What do you think?

Dear Reader, This marks the end of the 5 post series on my Sister's wedding. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I loved creating them. It's my first time doing outfit posts so I definitely feel I could do better. I hardly ever put phone pictures on Instagram, let alone on the blog so here's some lessons learnt! I'm gonna brave the stranger (cameraman!) the next wedding I attend.

What are your thoughts/comments on today's post? Would you like to see similar series in future? I gotta admit these are easier to do than the review posts. At least I don't have to spend a million hours trying to capture the exact shade of lipstick on camera. Talk soon... Mwwah


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