MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in 'Feels So Grand' - Review + Swatches + Comparison with Lime Crime Red Velvet

25 February 2016

So it was my birthday a few weeks ago. I didn't ask for any gifts coz I'd already treated myself wayyy too much at the airports during our travel. This liquid lipstick by MAC was one of them and I wore it for my birthday dinner.

You know red is my thing right? MAC released this formula just last month and these have been literally flying off the shelves. Delhi duty free had only half the shades in stock. I wanted to buy the bright raspberry 'to matte with love' but then I saw this red and just couldn't resist. These were expensive than normal MAC lippies too. $25 USD from Delhi duty free and an RRP of $50 NZD here in NZ.
With a formula so beautiful..I should have bought more. That wine shade. Sigh :(

Oh well! Glad these are permanent because I'm surely picking up more.

Shade 'Feels So Grand' is described as 'Deep True Red' and rightly so! Its a lil towards warmer side and brightens up my NC 32 skin beautifully.

MAC nailed the formula. I have Lime Crime Red Velvet since its inception (Old packaging too!) and I can tell you I find MAC better formula-wise. Though even Lime Crime has tweaked the formula these last few years.

I put it on at 6 pm for Dinner (after scrubbing my lips with Lush lip scrub) and took it off at about 11:30ish and it was still the same...pigmented and no flakes at all. Wow! And we gorged on Indian food. You know greasy, sticky and yumm! It just stayed on. I went to the washroom straight after dinner and was surprised I couldn't see my natural lip color peeking (the issue I have with liquid lipsticks). I applied it without any lipliner too. Straight from its pretty glass tube with that perfect heart shaped wand, 2 coats of lush red- Literally Feels so Grand!

It's liquid but not overly thin. It doesn't feather noticeably and dries within a minute or two. My lips felt comfortable the whole time. Not drying at all! I found it waterproof as well. It isn't kiss proof though. I gave a peck on my hand and there I could see some red! I don't mind that though. At least it doesn't flake off looking yuck (looking at you MUA luxe velvet lip lacquer!)

The best way to take it off- Oil based makeup remover. These liquid lipsticks are actually quite stubborn.

Here's a swatch of it comparing with Lime Crime's Red Velvet. As you can see Feels so Grand is slightly more warmer than Red Velvet, which is a tad blue based. Nevertheless if you own one, its a bit pointless to own other guy. But I'd recommend MAC's formula to Lime Crime as its less drying and more forgiving for the lips. Retro matte liquid lipcolor didn't flake on me either. But I suggest scrubbing your lips with a good lip scrub and dousing them with a lip balm before application. I let my lips soak in lip balm as I do my face makeup and then gently press a tissue on them to take off excess lip balm before applying lipstick. This prevents lipstick from going overly sticky and moist, hence no feathering.

For this look I went the Classic route- Winged liner, neutral eyes, bold lips. On my eyelids are Foiled Eyeshadows 'Fairy Land' & 'Joy Toy' from MAC's Faerie Whispers Collection. I love these shimmery, elegant and can even be used wet but unfortunately Limited Edition. These came out first week January, 2016 so you might still find them in some stores. The foiled eyeshadow pan size is bigger than MAC's single eyeshadow and smaller than a MAC blush, so a good chunk of product in there.

Makeup Gods were super kind to me that day and hence my eyeliner game was so on point. I never have it this perfect in one go. Rare so rare!

So...Do you like this look? Would you spend moolah on MAC's liquid lipcolors? Which one would you buy? There's 15 Shades to choose from! #FirstWorldProblems

Talk to me in the comments below!

Nishu xx

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