Life Update: Where have I been for the last 3 months?

18 February 2016

The pic pretty much sums up my sisters wedding! Bindass = Kickass!
Ok. This feels weird. Well HELLO there! Remember me? I'm supposedly a blogger and a very slack one at that. We finally meet after 3 months. How have you been? How was your summer/Winter? Well I've been good. Reeeal Good! If you follow me on Instagram you know I've been having a literally! I went for a two month holiday to my home country, India, in the middle of their peak wedding season and attended weddings back to back- 11 weddings with 21 separate functions! You know like dressing up BIGG 21 times. It was so insane and so awesome at the same time. Pair that with freezing winter evenings and you have got a serious situation. I wouldn't have it any other way though. My Facebook friends were pretty much sick of my life updates.. :)

Caught sniffing Roses! Told you I'm obsessed with them!
Did I tell you I did makeup on a Bride? Like a real professional makeup on someone's big day. It still feels unreal! May I say she looked stunning. God bless friends who trust you with their face!
I made up my sister for some of her wedding functions too (Not the main event). And my mum several times. It feels so amazing to see all their pretty pictures now. You realize how powerful makeup is when you see their faces lit up with confidence. Would you like to see posts on them? Maybe I can do a master post? What say!

We also squeezed in 2 trips in India while we were there. One of them to Chail, a quaint lil town in the hills of Himachal. It was a beauty. Imagine lush mountains with snow covered peaks in distance and 8 old friends in a cottage. We laughed, we fought, we laughed harder and we did some kickass adventure activities (rock climbing, flying fox and all that jazz!). It was chaos and perfection at the same time. We annoyed a monkey so couldn't enjoy the Balcony views for too long!

And I ticked something off my bucket list- A girls only trip to Taj Mahal, Agra. I've never had a trip better than this one in my whole effing life. It was the kind I craved- Adventure, Chaos, Relaxed, Fun and so much more at the same time. Our planning was shockingly minimal, our accommodation and hosts turned out to be beyond amazing. We traveled solely by trains. All hail Indian Railways! Punctuality isn't their best virtue. And we missed a train while taking selfies in front of it. Needless to was hilarious and we giggled for 2 days after that!

The "Not-in-the-Queue" crowd
So Taj Mahal was super crowded (Don't go on a Sunday!) and we had to be in a 2 km long queue for 5 hours to get to the main tomb. So, I faked as a foreigner (there are 2 entries- one for Indian citizens -20 cents ticket and other for foreigners- $20 ticket) and crossed the barricades guarded by army men. Taj Mahal tiki tour in 40 minutes :) What a badass feeling! Well I should have kept this one under wraps....

Our time in India has been so magical that it feels unreal. Bountiful of everything- love, food, laughter, friends, family, weddings, dancing and awesomeness.

And Cold!
Coming back to NZ has been bittersweet. It was like being back to the shit ol life. Well mostly coz we've gotta work here. (Why can't you be on a holiday forever?). Back to getting up in the morning routine (India- 10 am mornings) , Making lunches (India- huh wtf is that?), to work and back (India- what city on our calendar today?). But its slowly starting to feel better. I'm still trying to get into a routine. Work outs are still a rare thing. I'm kinda bummed that NZ Summers are ending soon too. But I've been told we've escaped the worse of weather. Still not looking forward to winters though! I'm making the most of last few days (Hello beach!)

I've had our wedding Anniversary, My Birthday and Valentines day since we're back. February is officially my month so its been kinda alright. Oh! we also went along to the Holi festival on Valentines day which was such mad fun. Think colors in the air, Dj playing them beats, mad dancing, water being blasted from Fire trucks, Indian food, drenched and unrecognizable people!! Here's my awful state on Insta.

Oh! I did a lot of makeup shopping at the airports while I was away, which should make its way to the blog sometime. Here's the picture of Delhi Airport Haul that I posted on Instagram.

So tell me about you? How've you guys been? How was your Christmas, New years, Valentines? If I had to tell mine in one word- Dancing! Whats your one word?

Eager to talk to you! Hit me up in the comments below


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