Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil Review

Lipidol has finally launched & the Farmers stores in NZ are buzzing. The counters look so pretty! Have you spotted one in your nearest store yet??

The 6 oils!
I thought I'll do quick review of their 'Cleansing Body Oil' in case anyone out there is looking for review on the range coz ladies we New Zealanders are the first one's in the world to try it & that is so damn rare. I've already reviewed the After Shower Body Oil & this one comes in a step before that. Note: Because we are moving backwards, the Cleansing Face Oil has also been purchased & is lying pretty on my vanity shelf. Review coming soon!


Lime Crime Velvetines in 'UTOPIA' - Review, Swatches, FOTD, Pink Velvet vs Utopia !

Well, you know, not everyone can be a Neil Armstrong or likes. The first person to step on moon or mars or THE first person to do some random sh*t. It's not everyday that you meet or be that 'first person'.
Meet me!
Your beauty buddy is now the first person in NZ to own Lime Crime Velvetine in Utopia. All those Harry Potter & iPhone fans that stand in queue all night to grab that first phone or book... I always thought you were weird, dysfunctional but NO!! How wrong was I? Today, holding my "Utopia" I feel you. I feel that joy, those butterflies, that grin & pure unadulterated happiness. Whoever said money can't buy happiness?? Damn you! 

Utopia is my Euphoria!!

Big up to www.makeup.co.nz who bowled me with their communication. Having ordered online, it was supposed to be delivered through postie, you know! 2 days later! When MakeupNZ updated their Instagram feed (29/08/2014, Yeah! I wanna document this date!) announcing the arrival of Utopia in their warehouse, I started hyperventilating. How can I sit here at work, on a perfectly normal & sunny Friday afternoon, when Utopia is lying on a desk just 25 minutes away. I couldn't risk my weekend sleep, so off I went to pick it up!
You're here to read the review right? RANT OVER!!

So the counter lady at MakeupNZ had it on....Wait!!! That makes me the second person to own it... Arghh!! but they own the store so they obviously have it all. I'm the first customer. Yes! I'm the first! OK.. getting carried away!! Let's start it again. 


Lime Crime Red Velvet- Review, Swatches + FOTD

This was my first velvetine. It started a never ending obsession! So how did it fall behind Pink Velvet & Seudeberry? Don't ask me ! I have no blimmin idea. All I know is, I don't want it to feel any lesser, specially when sister "Eutopia" is landing in NZ next week.

Red Velvet & MAC Ruby Woo are my go to reds like Pink Velvet & MAC All Fired up (coming soon on the blog) are my go to pinks. Forever a fan of brights n bolds!! I'm so damn lucky to be able to switch between Red, Pink & Coral (MAC 'Lady Danger' I'm looking at you) with ease. Thank you skin Gods for medium skin tone. So hard to pick a favorite! 

I have Red Velvet in the original packaging as mine's old. Lime Crime updated the packaging when they released Pink Velvet late 2013.  

As I've written in detail about the Velvetines formula in the posts about Pink Velvet & Seudeberry ,I won't cry over small stuff in this review.

Lime Crime Velvetines are a range of liquid lipsticks that are super long wearing with matte finish (Read super matte!). Red Velvet is described on Lime Crime website as "The perfect matte red! Rich & velvety, like petals of a rose". I couldn't agree more!


Smashbox's Santigolden Age Collection -My first launch event!

When my blogger friend NailKeeper messaged a few days ago if I'd be keen to go to a launch event for Smashbox's Santigolden Age Collection. I have to admit I had no idea who or what Santigold was? I could write a whole post faking my knowledge but that's just not how things work in this space of mine. So I was pretty clueless! I'm an Indian girl obsessed with Bollywood and my love with English songs goes as far as Beyonce, Rihanna and such famous faces! I don't know much about R n B or various bands nor I'm keen to know. I listen to what I like so won't "fake it till you make it" . However, ask me about Punjabi or Hindi songs and I can be your music guide.

So I did the sensible thing! Google... ;) Wikipedia, Youtube and few minutes later, I know enough to write a blog post!

Santi White better known by her stage name Santigold (formerly Santogold), is an American singer-songwriter and producer. She is a mezzo-soprano.
 Source: Wikipedia

Smashbox Santigolden Age Collection

I went through few of her videos and they are weird in a pleasant way. In other words, I liked her! Liked her style, her wardrobe and her voice. Now she sings about the post-2012 Golden Age (you know when someone predicted that the world would end in Dec 2012? Or was it the Mayan calender?)- An age where the earth as we know it ceases to exist, revitalizing itself and morphing into its own beautifully balanced utopic, mirror image (yup! not my words!). Smashbox has created this collection with a color palette that represents the hues of an apocalypse.. when that happens! It's a world where humans, aliens, stars, all exist together.

The collection through my eyes! I missed the nail stickers somehow :(


Lipidol After Shower Oil Review!

How often in your friggin life do you get to use a product that's not even out yet? You know not the experimental kinds... but a full- blown- awesome- ready- to- be- launched product that you know will soon be a raging famous! Not very often I say! Well it may be.. for the established beauty bloggers out there... but in my world.. this rocks my boat! So when I was sent this transparent bottle of transparent oil... I sure was intrigued... ! Knowing me and my love affair with oils, I don't think the deal could get any more sweeter!

So without further adieu... Introducing you to a spanking new range of products... from the makers of world famous, Bio-Oil (yup! that Bio-Oil!) .. An ingenious set of 6 oils backed by years of research. LIPIDOL. 

The brand launches in NZ today and will be available in Farmers NZ from tomorrow at a price point you'll not believe. I couldn't, when I heard it this morning! We don't even get a bottle of decent lotion in that price in NZ! All products have same RRP, all 6 oils! Now that's being an ingenious with oodles of creativity.

I'm sure you can sense my excitement in this review. I'm seldom so excited writing about a product.

So, Union Swiss are launching 6 oils- namely- Cleansing face Oil, Cleansing Body oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil (now that's a first!), After Shave Oil and Overnight Face Oil. The era of oils has surely dawned upon us!

I received the Lipidol After Shower Oil to try out and as expected the outer cellophane packaging was ripped off that very evening and the pretty bottle has adorned my bathroom shelf ever since. I wanted to use it for a good few days before writing a review so here's it today. Brace yourself for the all adjectives coming your way!


Best Cleansers for Dry Skin! Vol 1- Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream

With Makeup removers out of the way in previous post... Cleansers are naturally next in the firing line. Spring is just 9 sleeps away so I've decided to drop my blog winter series. I still had toners and facial moisturizers to go... But will be doing posts on them regardless.Time management is clearly not my forte!

Moving on, CLEANSERS. I have dry skin, the kind that can't stay without a moisturizer for even 20 seconds after cleansing. It almost feels like its gonna tear off . I dare not test my skin's limit!

If you have dry skin and are hunting for facial cleansers, these posts will surely be helpful. I'm planning to review about 5 of my favorite cleansers (Yeah! I like heaps of choice when it comes to skincare!)

First up is by my favorite brand, TRILOGY! I'm a crazy fan of their Rosehip Oil, Everything Balm and pretty much anything else they make. It's one company I've never been disappointed by.

Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream ($43.90 NZD for 150ml) -


MAC Ruby Woo - My Wedding RED! Review+ FOTD

Well I hopelessly scrambled to bring up a lipstick post on National Lipstick Day, July 29th it was! and it was a fail... I can list my excuses but laziness will probably cover them all. Never mind, better 6 days late than next year ;)

I haven't done a lipstick post in ages..so it's high time! What better way to celebrate lipsticks than introducing y'all to my absolute fav, the fool proof, the ever so classic, the legendary, MAC's RUBY WOO! This is the stuff dreams are made of.

 I don't believe you know a thing or two about lipsticks and haven't heard of Ruby Woo. Hell this made MAC famous...ummm...may be it was the eyeshadows?
I've had it in my wishlist since forever. Never bought coz of the secret pact I had with myself... This had to be ticked off the list during my wedding trousseau shopping, whenever that happened so I waited years. I don't know why but Ruby Woo just screamed weddings to me- Opulent, elegant, bold and Classic! So as soon as my wedding shopping kicked off  Dec last year, this was the first thing in cart.

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