Dear Daughter- 30 Life lessons I want to teach Aiza

2 February 2019

Here’s 30 things I aspire to teach my daughter. Call them things or life lessons or a moral code, here's a glimpse of what I envision her to be- a happy, positive, curious, forever learning adult who has respect for her family, culture, food and the planet. 

Dear Aiza ,

1. Be kind & empathetic
2. Be humble
3. To not chase perfection. Beauty is in imperfections
4. Be confident in herself and her abilities 
5. To not participate in gossip, but rather focus on her own self-growth 
6. To have a healthy relationship with food. To respect food
7. Respect elders and always talk in respectful tone. Hanji instead of Han (Punjabis would know)
8. To always keep learning, whatever and whenever her heart desires 
9. To travel the world

10. To be good with money, to budget, save and spend wisely
11. To dream big and never settle for less 
12. To live in the present moment and not dwell in the past or be fearful of future 
13. To always trust destiny and universe. They know. 
14. To accept things/circumstances and move on
15. To practice gratitude for everything she has 
16. To always be helpful 
17. To practice self-care 
18. To take care of her body and work towards being healthy & fit.
19. To be a positive happy person 
20. To deliver on her word, take responsibility of her actions
21. To take care of earth and environment, use less of plastic and other non renewable resources
22. To never ever focus on what people say or think about her. You do you boo. 
23. To be honest, always. 
24. To see mistakes as lessons 
25. To not judge other people. Just accept people how they are. You can’t change anyone, but yourself. 
26. To always be guided by curiosity 
27. To find joy in little things 
28. To focus on solution rather than cribbing about a problem 
29. To be emotionally intelligent 
30. To communicate clearly, effectively and efficiently 

When I started writing this list, I couldn’t think of what to put in for first few minutes and then the mind started racing and I actually had to pick n choose to narrow it down to 30.

These may sound too aspirational but I wholeheartedly believe in each of them and thus I feel they are achievable. Children learn more from our actions than our words. Now I just have to act on this list myself and it’ll happen for Aiza 😉

Which point speaks the most to you? For me it’s 1, 3 and 26.


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