25 genius ways to use Baby Wipes + WaterWipes Review

14 January 2019

I'm a new mum and I've recently discovered the ingenious things baby wipes are! When I was pregnant, I researched various brands of baby wipes. Trust me there's a lot of them out there. I knew the ones I wanted to stay clear of, but there were still a lot of them that claimed to be natural, gentle and hypoallergenic. Of corse I wanted the best and purest for our baby. I'm into natural products myself so there was no way I was going to use chemicals laden wipes on my new born. All my research pointed towards Water Wipes, the world's purest baby wipes, with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. Ain't nothing better than washing baby's bum with water and because it's not feasible to take sleepy baby to bathroom sink in the middle of night, Water Wipes will do. 4 months later, these are the only wipes we've used on Aiza till date and we don't see this changing. Yes! they are a bit dear but my baby's skin is more precious. They are gentle on her skin and because they are so pure I have no qualms in using them on her face and hands. We love Water Wipes and I'm always recommending them to anyone who'd listen. Aiza has had no nappy rash and her skin hasn't broken out either. It's a tick for WaterWipes from our family.

While we are discussing baby wipes, I thought it'll be good to mention a few genius uses of them. Some quick and hassle-free life hacks. Why not make our lives a bit easier while we have the baby days on!

Read on-

1. Wipe your baby's bum (of corse the intended purpose)
2. Wipe baby's hand, feet and mouth during the day, because babies touch things they shouldn't and then they proceed to put their hand in mouth (at least my 4 month old does!). WaterWipes are as pure as water so they are very handy
3. Best makeup removal wipes for mum. Tried & tested by me! So gentle on eyes
4. Clean up dad's car dashboard, while stuck in traffic
5. Clean up spills when out and about
6. Use as travel wipes- Clean up while on flight. If the pack in heavy, put some in a ziplock bag to take along
7. Use them to dust around the house, if you can't find an old t-shirt that is!
8. Keep them handy when you apply hair dye. Clean up drips and stains quickly around hairline and ears
9. Use as toilet paper substitute when in need. Just don't flush them in toilet
10. Wipe off dust from houseplants
11. For something as pure as WaterWipes, it's ok to even clean the fridge surfaces and microwave
12. Get rid of mud and dirt from your shoes and trainers, after a hike or muddy walk
13. Clean your kids toys with wipes
14. Put them in your beach bag, clean sand and sunscreen off before getting into the car
15. Wipe down public toilets if you are using them
16. Use baby wipes in gym. Clean up the sweat and equipment
17. In summer months, you could keep a pack of baby wipes in fridge and use them to freshen up, clean sticky face, hands and feet
18. You can clean muddy paws of your pets too!
19. Wipe off and clean chalkboard and whiteboard
20. Lightly soiled baby wipes can be washed, dried and re-used as soft dusting cloth
21. Clean up when you are crafting with kids
22. Get rid of deodorant marks on your clothing
23. Clean up yourself if you are camping or are out & about with no access to shower
24. Blow your nose with it, if normal tissues are too dry and scratchy
25. Cleaning a cut when you don't have first aid kit handy

These are just some of the uses for baby wipes, there's a million ways. I'd love to hear about your baby wipes life hack. Tell me in the comments below.

Caution: Baby Wipes are not bio-degradable and hence I do not advocate that you go out and buy a pack specially for these uses, but while you have a young baby and a good stock of baby wipes on hand, its good to know that you can use them in various other ways to make your crazy busy life a little easier. Please dispose them off responsibly & never flush the wipes. They are known to block drains & sewer systems.

We love WaterWipes on our baby girl, Aiza. I'd love to hear what brand you use on your baby and also your best baby wipes hack. Waiting for your comments.


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