Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush Review!

Remington Revitalise facial cleansing brush review

My life summarized in 2 sentences- I love makeup, I hate taking it off!
Oh! Might I add a third one- I have an OCD with taking makeup off. Get me hella drunk and I'd still be in the washroom trying to get every bit of it off my face before the slump. We girls have an ironic life, spending 2 hours making up a face and another half taking it off. I literally need half an hour to clean my face after a full face of makeup. Like on the clock half an hour!
a. Take makeup off with makeup remover- TWICE
b. Use a cream cleanser to dissolve any that's left
c. Use a foaming cleanser to get that squeaky clean feel
d. Wash, dry
e. Apply Toner, eye cream, serum, facial oil. Hit bed. Hand cream, foot cream, goes on..

So yes I need a magic wand to speed things up. And naturally I've always been intrigued by facial cleansing brushes- Clarisonic Mia, Mirenesse and the likes. So when Remington's PR company approached me to see if their cleansing brush would interest me.. I sent them a big fat YES.

Did you even know Remington does a cleansing brush? I didn't.

Remington Revitalise cleansing brush review

So it arrived a few weeks ago and I tore up the package all excited. This beautiful mint colored gadget is actually a beauty. Sleek, pretty and ergonomic. The Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush system comes with 3 removable brush heads- Normal, Sensitive and Massage, so you can customize it to your skin needs. All 3 brush heads have their own clear protective caps too.The package also comes with a very pretty white beauty bag (so perfect for makeup brushes!) and a charging stand.


Savar Ultra Cleansing Shampoo & Ultra Nourishing Conditioner Review

My favorite Shampoo meet the world. World meet my favorite shampoo. Yes! I have found my Holy Grail ..yet again! Seems like I'm having a good run with shampoo's.
Wishing I had a good run with my hair too coz at the moment, they are a hot mess. Pretty much the worst they have ever been (in capitals). And there's no one to blame but myself.

So, my hair grow damn slow (2 inches a year!) and I need length. I NEED a good length for my upcoming holiday. So I've not had a hair cut in yonks (I'm not gonna tell you how long it's been..It's rather embarrassing. Any guesses?). There's split ends, there's dry ends, there's awkward lengths and there's more thickness than I can handle, there's flatness that comes with heaviness, there's hair fall and then there's bleach laden swimming pool, sweaty Crossfit floors and my laziness. All this against my poor hair. Writing this makes me feel a lil sad for them.. Tough life!
So when I say a shampoo has been working for me, you've gotta trust me. Surely, a shampoo won't fix split ends but it can make them less bushy.


MAC Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous- Review + FOTD + LOTD

If you're looking flat and want to look fabulous..reach out for 'Flat Out Fabulous' ! Cheesy I know but holds true for this lipstick. It can totally transform your face. This demands attention and gets you compliments.

MAC's Flat Out Fabulous is a stunning plummy pink lipstick. Its bright, bold and opaque! It's Ruby Woo and All Fired Up's cousin. They are all from the same family actually- Retro Matte!
Yep.That dreaded matte formula. It's THE ultimate matte. Yes its drying but its workable. And its loooong wearing which makes it so worth it.


The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub Review!

The body shop fuji green tea body scrub

As you know I'm quite a fan of The Body Shop scrubs, my favorite being their Blueberry Body Scrub. When Jasmeen (THE JASMEEN SINGH MAKEUP ARTIST!!) gifted me a bag full of beauty goodies, I was most excited seeing this scrub. Ok. A lil more for them snail masks too! (Here's the picture of all the goodness I was gifted). She's so kind!
But seriously why is it always the dumb me who shows up on a first meet without any gift? It's happened far too many times now and has gotten to the point where it's both embarrassing and hilarious. I can barely get out of bed and show up for morning coffee (may I add in PJ's and no makeup whatsoever) and this chic is all glam and ready to roll at 8 am on a Saturday Morning? Like seriously how? Take a bow girl!

TBS fuji green tea body scrub review

Now, I don't know if Green tea ever smelled this amazing (pun intended!) but this latest release from The Body Shop is the bees knees. The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Scrub is my new found love. Its beautiful, its gentle, its effective and its refreshing. It's unlike any other body scrub I've ever used.


August/September 2015 Empties!

Yes its my usual one liner again! Can you believe its October already? Like seriously there's only 3 more months till 2016. I feel like I've only just warmed up to 2015. I've only just stopped crossing off 2014 for 2015 when I date a document at work. As much as I can't wait for end of this year (and upcoming holiday plans!)..time's seriously running too fast for my liking. Anyways, I can go on about it all day..

 Today, I'm writing about the products I've finished in last 2 months. Let's get to business..shall we?

1. By Nature Pink Grapefruit & Argan Oil Body Lotion - I've written about another version of this lotion in my previous empties post. It was the Pomegranate & Argan Oil one, here. While I wasn't a fan of the Pomegranate one's scent (it was so off), I actually really liked this Grapefruit one. It smells so fruity and fresh. The lotion is fairly natural too..with no Parabens and other nasties. Its really light and fit for summers, absorbs fast and is non-sticky. At $5 for 500 ml from The Warehouse, it's definitely a bargain.

I'm currently using St. Ives Vitamin E hydrating lotion and quite liking it, so I have no plans to buy this next but you never know. For the price, it didn't disappoint.


Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch-Pushp Water Review!

Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp water

So ya'll know how I'm absolutely addicted to natural toners..specifically floral waters. I have an unhealthy obsession with them if I may say so. I have to have a few spritz on each day or my day doesn't conclude.

Rose Water has always been my first choice. I've tried so many Indian brands in search of my perfect potion. If you have dry skin or any skin type in general, Pure Rose Water is the best natural toner money can buy. I have previously written about Forest Essentials Rose Water Facial Toner, Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water, FabIndia Rose Water and Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rose Water.

I've recently discovered another gem- Panch Pushp Water. Its an ancient Ayurvedic Formulation. In hindi, Panch = 5, Pushp = Flowers. So this is literally steam distillate of 5  native Indian flowers, that are known for their skincare properties.

Mogra (Arabian Jasmine) for Hydration
Rose for Toning
Saffron for Healing
Kewara (Pandanus Flower) for Cooling & Softening
Marigold for Cleansing

Oilcraft naturals panch pushp toner

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