Taking Stock! May 2015

So I just came across this unique post idea on Lena and Laura's blog and totally got convinced. This is me right now. What's up with you?
Kai Iwi Lakes. How I miss the snorkeling!
  • Making : Progress
  • Cooking : Loads of Indian dishes. I cook for the week ahead.
  • Drinking : Water Always


MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick Review!

Another bright lipstick added to my arsenal! Shame its winters here in NZ as its a perfect spring/ summer shade. It actually SCREAMS beach life! Have you heard of MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick? One of MAC's bestsellers. (Other being Ruby Woo, Lady Danger!)

This was suggested to me by a reader though I admit I was quite apprehensive when I first came across it. But my oh my! I just had to buy it after putting it on.

Price: Rs. 1450 (India). $40 NZD, $16 USD. Available at MAC Counters worldwide.

MAC Candy yum yum review

MAC candy yum yum


MAC Lipstick in 'Relentlessly Red' Review!

I don't know about you but gosh! the lack of MAC lipstick posts on the blog has been seriously bugging my mind. Don't even ask about the amount of times my new MAC lipstick has stayed untouched because I couldn't find the time to click its pictures. Its a blogger thing! We are obsessed with those fresh new lipstick curves! So believe me when I say my 'MAC Flat Out Fabulous' lipstick has still not graced my lips after 3 months of buying it duty-free. Tough life! Its bugging me like anything and I aim to click pictures of it this weekend. I have to do it or I'll go insane!!!

MAC Relentlessly Red review

MAC relentlessly red on Indian skin


April 2015 Empties!

May is here! and I didn't even realise until someone handed me a May to-do list at work. I kept staring at their face like Whaaaaat? (Yup! the far stretched what!). 4 months gone like pufffff...
Here's to another month!

I didn't finish many products last month- just 4- nevertheless here's the empties post! More so because these posts kick me in the butt to stop hanging onto that last bit of my favorite lotion. Get over it woman!!!

1. Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rosewater (Full review here)
You must've spotted a full review of it only a few weeks ago. I really wanted to review it in detail even when it was running out just because it's a star product.

Rosewater.Toner. Facial Mist. Natural. Cruelty Free. Cheap. I'm definitely buying loads of it when I hit India next. Full review here.


Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in '400 Big Bang' Review!

How timely of me to review this glossy affair when the company has just come out with a matte version of it! You know I'm disciplined like that (pun intended!!!)

rimmel big bang review

Rimmel London came out with these beauties early last year or was it the year before??.. Gahhh! But I picked one up from airport duty free Goa (India), during one of the best trips of my life. Think 9 friends, 2 am Old Goa tour, 4 am flat tyre, endless sea and para-sailing! So I have a good memories attached to this lippy. And hence this needs to be blogged. Some days I feel I blog for my future self!!

Rimmel apocalips review

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