EOS Lip Balm Review! featuring Pomegrenate Raspberry, Honeysuckle Honeydew & Strawberry Sorbet ♥

If there's one collection that's never ending at my place, its the lip balms. I genuinely believe you can never have too many! There's one in each bag I own (just in case you know!), in the car, at work and quite a  few in every bathroom around the house. Does that say a thing or two about my lip balm addiction?

EOS- For moist, soft, sensationally smooth lips!
To add to the collection, I've added three EOS lip balms! Yes... Finally!!!
 Made famous by Kim Kardashian, these uber cute eggs from Evolution of Smooth are all that a girl can want from a humble lip balm!

There's so much hoohah about these balms, I just had to get one for myself and then was gobsmacked at how good they were and went on to buy two more!

I seriously couldn't find any fault in these. It does sound like I'm totally smitten but you have to believe me ok?

I have these in 3 variants out of the very many they make - Pomegranate Raspberry, Strawberry Sorbet & Honeysuckle Honeydew. On my wishlist - Coconut milk (coz I'm a coconut addict).

What I like about these balms?


Owl Nail Art! Featuring Revlon Parfumerie in 'Italian leather' & 'Orange Blossom'

If there's one habit of mine that can be touted as a full blown obsession, its the OWLS. I'm crazy about everything owls. My whole family knows about it. Sunshine is quick to tag me in anything owl like in any store we go to! I have owl pen stand, candles, t-shirt, wall hanging, soap dispenser, tooth brush holder & what not! As we speak, there's a custom phone cover in owl design doing rounds in my head.

So, naturally, this nail art has been on my mind since months. I mean look at it... Isn't it cuteness personified? It's like the owl's talking to me! (I always say that!!)

With my current  fitness phase... that includes swimming 3 times a week, my nails are a hot mess. So please excuse the unkempt look. I can't help it! Does swimming give you nail splinters too?

Anyways, moving on! The nail paints used in the nail art are:


iHerb Haul- Nov 2014

If you haven't discovered iherb.com yet, you're seriously missing out on a gem of online shopping world. With everything from cosmetics to health supplements to exotic clays, this website has all that you could possibly want. Ships from US and you can get your stuff in NZ for a mere $4 (International Airmail, No tracking, takes 1-4 weeks) or $8 for super quick shipping (DHL Express, Track n Trace, delivery within 2-4 working days).

I've shopped from them before & again did last month - A combined order with my flatmate so we shared the shipping costs + $10 off that newbies get as it was her first order (Enter my Rewards code- PGF661 for $$ off).
I've included my flatmate's items as well in the post to show you the vast range of products they stock.

Here's what we ordered with their prices (All prices in USD)-

1. Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set ($18.00)- This is the 3rd core set I've ordered off iHerb. One for myself last year, then in January for my sister while in India & now for my flatmate who's just starting on makeup (Can I call myself an inspiration?). Its a great starter set at a great price. Brushes never shed, always soft & blend a dream.


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ Review!

Sick of dry skin? & Oil laden thick products? Enter Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion (DDML), now with a plus sign!

Must add + as its the new reformulated version of the classic 1968 born DDML. Basically they just added more skin-soothing agents, a bit of Hyaluronic acid and made the consistency a tad thinner.

I've been using this moisturizer for years & its the only one that never disappoints! Can I call it my HG (Holy Grail) moisturizer?

- DDML+ is a lightweight & effective daily facial moisturizer. It's a pale yellow lotion with thin consistency.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Amsterdam' Review + Swatches + FOTD ♥

If you've read any lipstick post on this blog... You know I love mattes & reds are made for me. NYX's Amsterdam is both & so I adore it. But please take that awful smell away, will you NYX??

These soft matte lip creams have a cult following. Antwerp is my absolute favorite peachy pink ( I recently ordered 3 pieces of it off Cherryculture.com (Haul post here). Need I say more? They have recently released more shades & I've been digging the dark vampy burgundy that's out (Copenhagen?).

'Amsterdam' is a blue based true red, housed in a matching tube packaging that is both beautiful and practical. Here's the low down on this shade-


KIRI Organics Natural Tanning Cream Review!

Now Fake-Tanning to me is like learning German. I don't need that knowledge so why bother right? Being an Indian and already blessed with brown skin, this is one less thing on my beauty regimen chart!
Well don't even get me started on the one's we have to endure (Hair everywhere!!).

So when I was sent this KIRI Organics Gradual Tan by their PR company, the not-so-proactive me got back to them the very minute the product came in my mail box.
"Sorry I'd not be able to review something I can't use myself!"
Fair enough they said!

And then it occurred to me..how about passing it on to a super pale girlfriend? My Inspiration, the ever so kind, the gym junkie/trainer, the Serbian beauty.. Irena!
Honestly, I couldn't believe someone took me seriously when she sent through this review the other day.

So here's her unedited version that I'm posting today. I think she did a fab job!

I feel enlightened to know the art of a self-tanner application. Hope you do too!




MUA Haul + Swatches!

Wohoo! Another haul post! Do you like them? I love looking at a drool-worthy haul.

Remember I posted about MUA (Makeup Academy) £1 shipping code on our Instagram and Facebook pages about a month ago? This is that order. It arrived about 2 weeks ago, all bubble wrapped, nice and secure. The shipping took 2.5 weeks. MUA website is super easy to navigate and everything on it is so cheap that you'd definitely end up spending more than you intend to.

I've bought from them before, here's my last year's MUA Haul

Here's what all I ordered this time around:


ARTDECO Colour Booster Lip Balm Review!

Look at this silver bullet! Isn't it luxury? For a tinted lip balm? Hell Yeah!

Imagine pulling this out of your bag to slap some on! How exotic?

This new release from ARTDECO is actually pretty unique in other ways too. I've been using it from last three weeks & I think I quite like it!

A lip balm addict knows one lip balm well from another. Here's my experience with ARTDECO's Color Booster Lip Balm **


October 2014 Empties!

Here's what all I managed to throw off my shelves this month. Pretty fancy eh?

And here's a mini review & my experience of them -

1. The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo: To be honest I'm a bit undecided about this one. At one point I hated it and then started using it again last month and kinda liked it. It used to make my hair greasy (Olive oil complex!!) but made them all nice and shiny last month. Either way, it smells, tastes (not literally) & behaves the same way as my Ecostore normal shampoo, which is less than half the price, so this is definitely in 'Do not repurchase' category.

2. The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner: It works good with the Rainforest shampoo, isn't overly thick, spreads nicely and leaves hair softer. But if the shampoo isn't a repurchase, this ain't either.

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