Karen Murrell Princesses of the Golden Petals Collection- Review & Look Book

10 October 2017

Karen murrell princesses of the golden petals collection review

If there's one lipstick brand that all Kiwi women know, its Karen Murrell. These delightful natural lipsticks are one the best exports from New Zealand, especially to China. The exponential growth of this NZ brand has to be credited to the quality of their lip products. Made from natural ingredients & colors, these lipsticks have no Coal Tar, Carmine, Triclosan, Parabens or Mineral Oils. And they are Cruelty Free. Can it get any better than this?

I've been a fan of these natural lipsticks from way back. Their shade True Love is a favorite. KM has recently released her new collection, inspired from Versailles, palace ballrooms and royal apparel, this collection is for the modern day princesses- women who are strong, sassy, independent and beautiful in their own right.

I was lucky to be sent the full set of these 5 new lipsticks from Princesses of The Golden Petals collection. A beautiful set with 2 metallic shades, one neutral pink, a deep burgundy and a rusty orangey red lipstick. The Rose gold packaging is very attractive. Its eco-friendly too.

Karen murrell princesses of the golden petals collection swatches

Here's my take on each of them-

1. Haute Boheme- This beautiful copper metallic lipstick is my first foray into metallic lipsticks. I'm still not brave enough to wear it out of the house but I've layered it on several lipsticks and it works a treat. On its own, lipstick has sheer to medium coverage. This shimmer is subtle and not over the top. The lipstick does have a full metallic look.

Karen Murrell Haute Boheme lipstick

Karen murrell haute lipstick swatch

Karen murrell haute boheme metallic lipstick review

Karen murrell haute boheme lipstick on medium indian skin

2. Crown Jewel- This Metallic Gold lipstick packs a lot of punch. It looks more flattering on my warm skin than Haute Boheme. Coverage wise its similar to the other metallic lipstick. It looks very unique when worn alone. Definitely something worthy to be included in a Princess inspired collection. I've mostly worn it layered over other lipsticks. Both metallic shades stay for a good few hours before color starts fading and only shimmer is left.

Karen murrell princesses of the golden petals crown jewel lipstick

Karen murrell crown jewel lipstick

Karen murrell crown jewel metallic lipstick review swatch

3. Blushing Rose- If your skin tone is any lighter than mine (NC 32-ish), this nude pink lipstick is going to be your holy grail. A medium coverage, moisturizing, velvety matte pinky nude that's perfect to be worn everyday. On my lips, it matches my natural lip color exactly. If only it was little darker but honestly I still don't mind because it smells & feels so good on, I am literally using it instead of lip balm during the day. Recommended!
(Note: This lipstick is a part of this 5 lipstick set but is not photographed with the pictures above, as I received this lipstick a few days later)

Karen murrell blushing rose lipstick

Karen murrell blushing rose swatch

Karen murrell nude pink lipstick

Karen murrell blushing rose lipstick on medium nc 35 skin

Karen murrell blushing rose on indian skin

Karen murrell blushing rose

4. Bordeaux Rouge- This shade is a sheer to medium coverage burgundy. Even though its my least favorite from the collection, I know it will be my mum's first pick as she loves Karen Murrell and her burgundy shades. I've kept this one aside to gift it to her. The shade is flattering on a lot of skin tones. I wish this was more opaque as the color lacks vibrancy for me personally. Mostly because I like bright and bold shades. I can see how this one will be a good shade to wear to work for a lot of women as its not overly saturated.

Karen murrell bordeaux rouge

Karen murrell bordeaux rouge lipstick review

Karen murrell bordeaux rouge swatch

5. Fiery Red- Saving the best for last, this rusty orangey red has to be my favorite from the whole collection. If I ever run out of it, I'm buying it again. Its beautiful! and suits my warm skin like its made for it. Its also opaque, pigmented and saturated with color. The lipstick is super moisturizing (Avocado and Evening Primrose Oil magic!) and I don't even need to put a lip balm under it. It stays for hours and survives meals too. I can't fault this one! It's a must have.

Karen murrell fiery ruby

Karen murrell fiery ruby lipstick review

Karen murrell fiery ruby red lipstick review

Karen murrell best red lipstick

I also tried layering lipsticks Crown Jewel (the metallic gold) over Fiery red. You can hardly see the duochrome sheen in the photo below but I can confirm it was definitely there. Looove!

Karen murrell metallic lipstick review
Crown Jewel metallic lipstick over Fiery Ruby
In summary, KM's new collection is a lovely addition to my lipstick stash. These natural lipsticks might lack in boldness but the shades are so wearable and comfortable, you'll be hooked. Natural lipsticks do not use synthetic and insect based colors (carmine) so they are usually not super opaque as the ones we are used to, but for your health & environment, they can't be matched. I always buy KM lipsticks for my mum when I go back home. She loves that they smell delicious (ahhh...cinnamon) and are actually good enough to eat.

KM lipsticks retail for $32 NZD each. They are available at Karen Murrell's official website, various online shops and health food stores.

Best cruelty free natural lipsticks nz

Do you own any Karen Murrell lipstick? Have you ever tried a natural lipstick? What are your thoughts on them? Talk to me in the comments below :)


Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. My views are honest as always. 

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