Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner Review!

16 June 2016

Savar Instant Boost multi toner review

I've already written about this in my Savar Skincare Review post but this facial mist is so amazing I wanted to do a full review of it (before I run out of it and forget how amazing this feels on my skin). Hands down the best hydrating mist I have ever used and believe me I've used a good number of them (See footnote). This guy is the bomb!

Savar multi toner review

I've had friends hooked on it and they all have amazing things to say about it! You see a toner is a mythical never see it never see it making a difference to your face..You just BELIEVE it works. That it's somehow balancing your skin's pH and making it healthier. So when you find a toner that actually works and you SEE it works..its a revelation. It seriously is!

Savar's Multi Toner* is 100% natural & is enriched with New Zealand Marshmallow extract which I just googled (Is that a word?) is actually a real plant that has been in use since centuries. They extract sap out of its roots, which is then used in cosmetics to hydrate and balance skin.
The toner also has White Tea extract which as you can guess is chock full of anti-oxidants aka Anti-aging! Add Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Glycerin, Camellia & Hibiscus extract to the mix and you have a magic potion.

Savar toner review

Take a bow Savar! I have never been this impressed with a skincare product. Never has any toner made my super dry skin so hydrated that I can skip moisturizer for hours. Anyone with dry skin knows that cracking skin feeling if a moisturizer isn't slathered on within 5 minutes of cleansing. You somehow do all the hydration without any oil or stickiness.

Savar skincare review

I love that it is natural, smells heavenly, is alcohol & nasties-free and made right here in NZ by an ethical brand. What's not to love!
I spritz some on after cleansing or whenever my skin feels dull, tired or dehydrated. It works every time, almost like my Clarins Blemish Balm that I absolutely adore. Beware! it tastes bitter though!

If you are in the market to find a toner that actually works or feel like indulging in some NZ luxury, you must try this product out. I'm yet to have a dud from this brand so go on and treat yourself. Hello Refreshed Healthy Radiant skin! 100% Recommended!

savar luxury face pack review
Savar's Luxury Face Pack

Price- $51 NZD for 240ml
Availability- They deliver worldwide. Free Shipping NZ wide. Also available at leading Pharmacies and Salons nationwide. Check out their website for stockists.

Are you fan of toners? Whats your favorite? I'm almost finished with this one & so gonna buy it again!


P.S. Here's the link to some of the others toners that I have used and loved previously- Forest Essentials Pure Rosewater, Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater, Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rosewater, Oilcraft Naturals Premium Panch-Pushp Water & FabIndia Rose Facial Water. I also like the Linden Leaves Gold Mist but it hasn't been reviewed on the blog yet.

* PR Sample- My views are honest as always!

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