MAC Vamplify Collection! 'Speed Up' & 'How Chic is This?' Lip Glosses Reviewed!

14 September 2015

Lets gets this straight..I'm not a Gloss girl! I'm all about lipsticks and Matte in that. Retro Matte perhaps! I have a sizable lip collection and you'd hardly find a gloss in there. So when MAC sent me these new first reaction- Squeals! Who wouldn't?
Second- Eeeep it's a lip gloss.

MAC Vamplify Collection reviews

I swear when I first saw them I thought they were that liquid to matte formula. You know like Lime Crime Velvetines! But they weren't. They were straight up pigmented lip glosses.
Quite a grim introduction right? Hold on I'm building a scenario here!!.. coz OMGee! I'm in loooove with them. Yes! in love with a Lip Gloss. Ok not so much with the pale pink one but the purple one is a total must have.

MAC Vamplify Lip gloss reviews

MAC is killing it with limited edition collection this year (Who can forget the pretty packaging of Giambattista Valli Lipsticks?). Next one in line is MAC Vamplify Collection- A Collection of 17 ultra pigmented lip glosses ($48 NZD, Limited Edition) and 12 new shades of Pro Longwear Lip Pencils ($50 NZD, New Permanent Shades) to match them. How crazy insane right? The Collection is coming into stores September 21st,2015. Be ready!

MAC Vamplify Collection NZ

MAC Vamplify Collection Swatches

Coming to the two shades that I received-

1. Speed Up- A bubblegum pink lip gloss. Its pretty good but if you'd like to see how a cool toned pale pink will look on a medium warm complexion..there you go! It looks ridiculous, totally washing me out! It's a beautiful shade but so not for my skin color. If you have porcelain white cool complexion, this will be so good on you. Warm skinned beauties, stay clear. I'm putting a lot of pics in here..just coz I'm brave like that!

MAC Vamplify Speed Up lip Gloss

MAC Vamplify Speed Up review

MAC Vamplify Speed Up on NC 35 skin

MAC Speed Up lip gloss on Indian skin

MAC Vamplify Speed up Limited Edition

2. How Chic is This? - I mean seriously how chic is this? If you have warm medium skin like mine..Don't miss this one. This is such a stunning violet-purple. It's like the glossy cousin of MAC's Flat Out Fabulous lipstick (I'd be doing a post about that one next week!) . I can't say how long Speed Up stays on because in all honesty, I had it on for max an hour and it wasn't getting better. So I took it off. But this one..oh my my! Just kept getting better.

MAC Vamplify How Chic is This review

MAC Vamplify how chic is this swatch

MAC Vamplify How chic is this on NC 35 skin

I applied two coats of it on and it was opaque. The shine looks absolutely stunning. Yes! its a gloss and it your water bottle, hubby's face, even your hair! But its not gloopy and sticky. It's more like NYX butter lip gloss- Very smooth, buttery, moisturizing and pigmented!
The shine stays for as long as you don't touch food. And then you're left with pretty purple lips minus the glossy affair. Told you just kept getting better! After about 4 hours, this was more like a lipstick. A light weightless moisturizing lipstick. And then it went on and on for 6.5 hours. I didn't test it beyond that. Girls gotta sleep!

MAC Vamplify how chic is this lip gloss

MAC purple lip gloss

MAC vamplify collection release date

I kinda went overboard & applied 3 coats at one stage and noticed after a few hours the gloss feathered out of lips slightly (Not that noticeable unless you look real close) so I'd recommend sticking to two coats or lining lips with a lip liner prior to application to avoid any feathering.

Seriously I'm in love with it. Its like a lip tint + lipstick after a few hours and I adore that! Now I wanna try the red one and Oh the orange one! Gosh such prettiness.

MAC how chic is this lip gloss limited edition

Do you like the look of them? Which one did you like? Any comments on how ridic Speed Up looked on me? haha


P.S. Makeup of the Day!

MAC Vamplify Collection 2015

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