How to depot MAC and other brand eyeshadows for your custom Z Palette? Step by Step tutorial.

how to make your custom Z palette

Do you travel with your makeup? Isn't it annoying when you have to carry a million single eyeshadows? Your favorite ones, that you can't do your makeup without. You can't find a similar shade in any of your eyeshadow palette so have to lug them from one place to another.. forever trying to locate them in your seemingly bottomless makeup bag. I do! and this year I've decided to tackle this problem. I bought a Z palette dupe from Wish App for about $15 NZD coz you know how expensive those real Z palettes are. A large Z palette is $32 USD and ABH Modern Renaissance palette is $42 USD, on Beautylish so go figure! I'd rather buy a full new eyeshadow palette with that kinda money. My Z palette dupe is a beauty nevertheless. Its thick n sturdy, has a magnetic sheet inside it, is see through from top and has a beautiful chrome mermaid scales look. Nothing I can complain about. I just wish it was a little bigger because I have a lot more single eyeshadows I want to put in there. As per my guesstimate, my palette could take 18+ single eyeshadows depending on their size, which is actually more than most eyeshadow palettes of today's time.
Use can use my code 'jrqdxvg' for 50% off your first order with Wish. Click here to see the palette I bought.

As soon as it arrived, I shifted all my Anastasia Beverly Single Eyeshadows in there. I'm sure the pans were equally delighted because they graduated from a makeshift CD case storage (which I'm still quite proud of to be honest, served me for more than an year at no cost) to a very flash looking actual palette looking palette.
Then I started the task of depotting some of my favorite eyeshadows- A few from MAC (from various collections over the years), a shimmery pink NYX one which is my go to for Indian weddings and a neutral matte from Wet n Wild that is my most sought after for layering over primer before I start any eye look.

This exercise has made me appreciate the value of single eyeshadow pans and I vowed to only ever buy eyeshadows in pans and not their fancy packaging. It's so hassle-free and satisfying to stuck them into your custom palette instantly.

Here's an easy step by step tutorial on how I depotted my MAC eyeshadows. Exact same procedure was followed for NYX and Wet n Wild eyeshadows.

How to depot MAC eyeshadows for Z palette

Things you'll need- Eyeshadows to depot, Z palette or likes, butter knife (I used my honey wax spatula), a pair of tweezers, a hair straightener, piece of baking paper to coat straightener so you don't damage that expensive appliance for the sake of some eyeshadow depotting. That won't be an economically viable undertaking. Isn't it?


Wet n Wild Proline Brushes- Review, Pricing and all the details you need to know

Wet n Wild Proline Brushes Review

Wet n Wild Proline Brushes

Oh Makeup Brushes! You know the tools that make or break your makeup look. They have the power to give you a well blended eyeshadow or a blob/smudge in its name. It's what gives your foundation a flawless finish or streaky messy affair. It took me a good few cheap purchases to realize that investing in tools of the trade is not a cost but an investment, so in last years, I've phased out all my eBay bought brushes and focused solely on quality brushes. Real Techniques work for me and so does MAC ones, which are by the way totally out of my budget but I've been lucky to be sent a few with PR releases in last few years. They are worth the price as they last so long, but it still takes some serious saving to purchase some MAC's.

Enter Wet n Wild, you know that brand that has always impressed me with their affordable yet amazing quality products, be it their foundation (review to come), lipsticks, highlighters or makeup brushes. Their latest Limited Edition Collection is the Proline Brush Collection, which I admit got lots of oohs and aahs from me on my Instagram Stories. You have to see their beauty to believe them. Electroplated pink brushes with beautiful sleek design, cruelty free and vegan. Beauty aside, I've been using them for a good few weeks now and I can confirm they are great for the price range and quality you get.


Top 5 Product Finds of 2017

Are you back to the working mode yet? Well I am..sort of. It's a bit forced but holidays can't go on forever so here I am back to the grind, with my first post of 2018. February is here so I'm trusting that you guys are almost over the new year, new me BS and are back to being your former true self. If you're still tracking well on your new year resolutions, well, good on you. You've got some serious determination. Send some my way!

I thought it'll be good to do a recap of 2017 by doing a 5 best product finds from last year. An easy way for you and me to get on the beauty blog train again. Can't believe I did this kind of post last in Jan 2015! What was I doing in Jan 2016 & 2017!!!
OK so here's my list of must check out products that weren't essentially new product releases in 2017 but that is when I discovered and loved them so I shall keep it that way.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette
This eyeshadow palette is love! It has amazed me every single time I've used it and to be honest, I still regret not buying it sooner. I pondered for yonks and finally bit the bullet last year. Worth Every Penny. You can create endless eye looks with it, mostly warm. This is only palette I carried with me on my recent trip to India and I hardly ever reached for the many ABH single eyeshadows I own. The quality of eyeshadows is amazing- pigmented, buttery and smooth. I've reviewed it in full here.

Price- NZD $60/ USD $42 from Beautylish.com

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