Winter Warmers Vol 3- Make Up Removers!

I couldn't decide what to post next in the winter series: Makeup removers or Cleansers! It's such an overlapping subject. Most cleansers double up as makeup removers but that would've made it a long post and I certainly don't want to put you guys off reading! So I've decided to focus on solely makeup removers in this post. Will do the cleansers next!

I have an OCD... It's called "Take the Frickkn makeup Off". I've suffered with it all my life and have fully embraced it now. It does sometime annoy/baffle people around me. During my hostel days, I used to be that weird one scrubbing off every trace of makeup on a cold night with freezing water (I hardly put on any back then.. what was I scrubbing off?). We didn't have hot water in our bathroom sinks back then. I'm still the same..the crazy chic who would take off every atom of makeup even when drunk (I don't like drinking!!). So fair to say it's an OCD. I've never slept with it on in my whole blimmin life and I cringe at the thought of anyone who does so. Not judging but that's just me!

About my skin, it's dry. So I tend to avoid heavy, full power and alcohol laden stuff but you know how hard it is to escape that stuff. It's usually there in one form or another.

So yup! One face= too many makeup removers around my place. Let's go through each of them briefly!

1. Missha M Perfect BB Cleansing Oil ($49.50 for 200ml)


Winter Warmers Vol 2- Santé Body butter 'Rose Geranium' Review

What a rare moment! I posted the second part of my winter series before the next winter... This is commendable. **So much humbleness**

So I started my winter series with a post on favorite shower products last week. The weather report is still gloomy as ever.. relentless rains, winds that bring neighbor's panties onto your backyard and a very shy sun which equals to plenty of cold which is directly proportional to stuffing up myself up with food and loads of it coz that tummy is well tucked in layers of fleece.

This week is a lot of blabber about another slather product, a body butter by NZ born and raised , a 100% natural brand, Santé. Nellie from Santé is one hell of a passionate lady-passionate for environment and everything mother Earth. Her Facebook page is a testament to the beliefs she adheres to. How many of us actually approach stores and suggest them to mend their ways to be more environmentally conscious? Hats off to you girl..Doing it way before you preach!

As expected her products have to be 100% of what she believes in -Natural.

The Santé body butter ($23 for 100ml) comes in a recyclable clear packaging. I received this in the scent 'Rose Geranium' . Did you even have to second guess it after my last post? I'm a certified rose fanatic.


Winter Warmers Vol 1 -Skinfood Soaps & Weleda Wild Rose Range- Rants & Review

 It's winters and I'm bored! What better way to entertain myself than passing this boringness (Is that a word?) to you guys. Cheers to more rants about crappy weather and delicious warm food. Oh divine food! Talk about lots of cheese, cream, butter, everything and anything that can be made even more richer. I'm sure I live to eat.

So I've decided I'll do a winter series. Just my fav products these days! A lotion that quenches my parched skin or a potion that heals. Lets talk everything wintery!

So we live near Antarctic.. Southern hemisphere to be precise :p Ok. New Zealand it is! and its bledy cold here. Ok. seriously winter has just kinda started ..its not even that bad in my part of the country (though ski season has officially kicked off!) and my skin is running on an advanced mode.

Skin type: Dry.. borderline super dry!

Lets start the series with some shower stuff. Best thing about this cold weather... Loooooong hot showers. If there's one thing I take my time, it's a shower. Never out in any less than 30 minutes. It's my fav past time (You know like reading a book) So naturally I'm pretty fussy about what stays on my bathroom shelf.

Now I'm a soap girl.. more like a Dove girl. That's all I've ever used. After 2 decades of Dove, I'm giving it a break (though I've still got loads of it stockpiled!). I've been loving Skinfood's range of Soaps these days ($2.89 each)!

NZ made, natural, moisturizing, affordable and nasties free! Oh! heaps of variants to choose from as well. I adore the one with Manuka honey, avocado and lime! It smells so fresh. Perfect for these dull and dreary winters. The volcanic mud is sunshine's fav!

Next up is an absolute fragrance explosion and that too my fav scent in this whole wide world- Rose! I'm a rose fanatic. You might have read all about my rose fantasies in the Forest Essentials rose water toner review!

It's the Wild Rose range by Weleda. You have to sniff it to believe it. How did they even make a scent so strong yet so pure! ZEN! I can smell it all day. And it is pretty much made for my crazy dry skin.

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