Lime Crime Velvetines ♥ Pink Velvet ♥ Review + Swatches + Comparison + FOTD

How do you write a review about something you are clearly obsessed about? You try ... try real hard! and I'll be doing just that today!

My babies! Lime Crime Velvetines: Pink Velvet, Red Velvet, Seudeberry
If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you know I've been waiting...rather impatiently.. for Pink Velvet's release! and as soon as it did.. it took my sleeps away! I could've bought it on day 1 i.e. Nov 29th but honestly, I just wasn't sure. It looked very cool toned and I was quite certain it'll look scary on me. Doe Deere (the owner of Lime Crime!) is porcelain white and super cool toned and she rocks it like anything! That made me think twice (actually way more than twice...many sleepless nights!) And when it reached NZ shores this week... heart took over mind! I ASKED my gf to be my secret santa and she agreed rather happily (Shout out to you Neha!) and boy! it's the best gift I've ever received in my whole effin life... Yeahh! those photo frames, wall hangings, hideous stuff toys, useless clothes.. better than them all! I was so wrong! It's a stunning shade that albeit my warm skin tone complements it like a match made in heaven.

I've never seen a shade prettier than this!

Ok.. back to being level-headed. I must not show my #obsessedwithanythinglimecrime side to the world.


NYX Antwerp Review + FOTD ♥

Remember that massive Cherry Culture haul a few weeks ago? I've finally started using some of that stuff and oh boy! I'm seriously impressed with the brand Nyx! I reckon it's the best drugstore brand I've tried till date! Beats Elf is my books any day! Though I'm not sure if I can call it a drugstore brand since we don't get Nyx at any physical store in NZ! Hence the massive orders from the likes of Cherry Culture and Beauty joint!

The product!

One of the best Nyx products for me has been the Soft matte lip creams! I might run out of words to describe my love for them. You know I'm a fan of matte's right? A very  uncomfortable unhealthy obsession for the dry lipped souls! And I'm assuming you already know how crazy I am about Lime Crime Velvetines (Seudeberry Reviewed here). There is something so endearing about matte lips! I probably can't put it into words so won't attempt!

When I discovered these babies from Nyx, it was like a chance to get more shades in Velvetines like formula. It'll be safe to say I've not been disappointed.


Forest Essentials ♥ Pure Rose Water Facial Toner Review ♥

I could've titled this post  "I'm currently obsessed about"!
Summers are well here in NZ (Yess!! We are in southern hemisphere)  and I honestly can't have enough of it. I'm obsessed about everything that is even vaguely summery! Bring on the lemonades, strawberry shakes and barely there clothes :p

You know I'm pretty big on natural skincare right? This review is about an awesome product from a fast emerging Indian brand "Forest Essentials" that is basically putting our ancient Indian skincare knowledge from Ayurveda into affordable luxury. Finally someone has hit the hammer on the nail. Spot on! Beautiful packaging, natural products and effective concoctions.


Skinfood Mud Masque Review!

Just a quick review of my favorite face pack these days, since many of you expressed interest when I posted a scary photo with it on (here, here and here)

Introducing you to this amazing natural product- Skinfood NZ's Mud Masque-Made from natural Rotorua mud.

For all the non-New Zealanders out there, Rotorua is a city in North Island famous for its hot mud pools, natural spas, sulphur laden volcanic sand, geothermal water and erupting geysers. Its a tourist hotspot! Rotorua mud is known to purify and heal skin conditions. Ancient Maori warriors would return after battle to remove the "Tapu" of war and heal their wounds at these thermal sites. If you ever come to NZ, it tops the list of must-see places! Who wouldn't fancy seeing a mud volcano right?

Back to our product!
I've been to Rotorua and even had a mud bath. I'm happy to report that Skinood definitely got the color right.

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