Its All Good "She'll Be Right Healing Balm" **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

It wouldn't be wrong to call this tub the Its All Good’s version of ‘Everything Balm’. Yup!! You know my absolute favorite from Trilogy that I mention in every blog post without fail.!!! Reviewed (here)
"She'll Be Right" does everything and much more. I love multitasking products and own so many of them that I'm not a brand loyal anymore. If I feel like 'red', there’s Lucas pawpaw. If I need something heavy duty there's Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (going to review that soon). If I feel like treating myself to a soothing scent, its Trilogy’s everything balm & when I feel like pampering myself with some of NZ's organic goodness, its this lil' tub of ‘She’ll Be Right’. I’ve already reviewed ‘Magic Bites’ from this skincare range – My absolute weapon against insect bites (Review here).
It's All Good products

Awesome news: I have one It's All good's "She'll be Right" Manuka honey and propolis healing balm to giveaway (Thank you “The lovely folks at ECOtanka”).

Read on to see if you’d like to indulge in some organic goodness.


Cherryculture.com haul

How are you doing beautiful people? Sorry for the absence! We've been busy moving to a new place and you know how it's hardly ever fun!
I've been meaning to show you this cherryculture.com haul of mine since forever. The order arrived almost a MONTH ago!

So,Cherryculture.com had 40% off  everything a while ago and I obviously went crazy. 3 of us shopped together to share shipping (Whooping $25!!). So much of my wishlist stuff was on there and the prices were irresistible. We spent about $140 USD in total.

I won't say much. Gonna let pictures do the talking! Enjoy....

Combined order of us chics!
I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the website and the brands in general. Everything from NYX is so lovely! Highly recommended... Total value for money!

My stuff! Lip products are the highlight obviously...


Mid-november Empties + Mini-Review!

This is my first empties post and I'm super excited! Reason: I have tons of stuff that is near-empty and I keep on saving the last bit for no reason whatsoever. Ok.. I'm a HOARDER!! The very minute I started thinking of doing some empties post... it was all action after that. Started finishing my face washes and clearing my bathroom cabinet. It is such a good feeling. This in conjunction with my 1-month shopping ban (I mentioned that on our Facebook page..didn't I? which finishes today by the way!) has been a blessing in disguise. We are moving house soon and it's so not cool to carry near-empty bottles to a new place. Apparently that new place has even lesser storage space... Talk about cruelty!

So these are the empty bottles that I've been saving for this post since past few weeks!


It's All Good "Magic Bites" Review "Warning: Graphic Content!" **Giveaway Closed** ♥

Did I manage to grab your attention with that tagline? Yes? It served the purpose then! I'm not going to post any gory pictures here. Sorry! Halloween is done n dusted!
So are you prone to insect bites? Sand flies? Mosquitoes? I'm that type..!Yes..I'd like to put it that way. I have given up trying to fathom why on earth when the lawns are freshly mowed, I'm all itchy n scratchy  & other housemates don't even flinch.
I'm that type unfortunately! Come spring n summer... I get attacked by sandflies..sometimes 10-15 bites at one place (at the moment.. my right knee and left feet), like some fly went for evening stroll & decided to drop 'bread crumbs' on the way. I'm so tempted to share a photo of one such lazy stroll but I'll spare you the horror 'just because' we are in a public domain here. Oh check out the less gory version below!

6 bites in total.. Are you a game? Spot them!!!
The bites always start tiny as..the more you scratch, the bigger they get and there's no limit to how big they can get. The urge to scratch is just too much (even Sunshine agrees.. he got a couple this season; he feels my frustration now). They go big & red and won't heal till the day you stop scratching them (can go on for weeks). When you learn to curb the urge, it goes purple-y & then brown and then the scars take a month to disappear. I've so many life cycles of these bites going on my body at the moment...might just do a photo diary!!
I've also stopped analyzing where I get them from.... grass & freshly mowed lawns were the initial culprits but now I get them on my feet while shoes on; in my bed during sleep; from freshly washed laundry and other unidentified sources. Its pretty much right there in the air for me. Can't hide can't escape!

You already know that my Trilogy's‘Everything Balm’ works a breeze on these nasties. I’m so addicted to it.
Now coming to my recent find (I just take forever, don't I?) – Its All Good Natural and Organic Skincare's Magic Bites’. I cannot explain in words how much I adore this stuff. When the folks at It's All Good asked me to choose from their product range… this is what I wanted to try the most. Unlike moisturizers and cleansers where it takes months to notice a difference, ‘Magic Bites’ is something I can instantly tell if it works or not. I've been digging this super cute tub since the very minute I received it in mail.

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