Trilogy Everything Balm Review!

Do you like products that do multiple jobs? I never used to... until I found this gem! Whenever I think of a multi-tasker, the only product that comes to my mind is the much raved about NARS The Multiple. Have you seen that magic stick? Apparently you can use it on your lips, cheeks, eyes and wherever you want color. People are fan of that stuff and guess I’ll always be baffled till I bite the bullet & buy it for myself (that stuff is ridiculously expensive!!), had to be ..they justify it by saying you get multiple products in one. No Thanks!! I'll buy it just for my cheeks..Any discount?? But seriously wouldn’t you want something slick n moisturising for your lips and dry, powdery, crease-free for your eyes??? Lips and cheeks still makes sense to me..coz some days I go matchy matchy and dab a lil lipstick on cheeks to go with my lips. Useless info: I’d like to own Benefits Posie Tint one day. It has the most vibrant color and can be used on both lips n cheeks. Wishlist alert!!!!

So the product in question today is “Trilogy’s Everything Balm” 

A tub of goodness!


Clean Green Skincare- Mini Review+ Giveaway!

Have you noticed the last time I posted? OMG! It was agessss ago. No apologies for being so slack though! I have no idea what I was upto. I was busy.. definitely busy.. but didn't achieve anything! So got no excuse! Anyways, I'm back & back with a giveaway. BOOM!! You guys keen to try some really awesome NZ made, natural n organic products? I recently tried a NZ company "Clean Green Skincare". They are based in Wellington and are passionate about all things natural. I tried 5 of their products as sample sachets for myself and loved them thoroughly! If you have read my previous post 25 Things Part-1.. you'll know I'm a natural products freak. I love my oils to the moon n back! I'll definitely be purchasing full size bottles of some of the samples. Here's the mini review of the one's I tried.

Giveaway details at the end of this post. Here's how these products fared-

1.) Organic Nourishing Cleanser- This smells like my green tea (lemon + ginger flavor!)! It's white colored, creamy in consistency, doesn't lather at all, very mild, should suit all skin types- sensitive as well. I suggest removing your makeup prior to using this as it's quite mild but very effective indeed! It doesn't dry out my already parched skin. Must try if you have super dry skin!

Ingredients:  Pure NZ Spring Water, Organic NZ Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Glycerine, Eco Certified Geogaurd, Eco Certified Lauryl Glucoside, Palmarosa Essential Oil.


25 Things- Part 1

So here are 25 totally random things about me.. Some make sense while most are no-brainers!
Well, I thought it'll be quite a challenging task to talk about myself.. but surprisingly once I started writing them down, things started clicking and it looked like I could possibly do few more posts like this.. So I already have part 2 written-up. It wasn't intentional to do two posts..But it'll be quite an overdose if I crammed up everything into one.
Read on!

1. I absolutely hate winters. Everything about them! It's my hibernation time. I hardly ever dress up in winters. 3 more weeks to spring...can't wait!

2. I've never slept with make-up on  my face. Not even a trace! It's my worst nightmare. OCD Alert!

3. I am an oil-girl. I have quite a collection of them (not sure if anybody will be envious of that!) and the obsession keeps growing with each passing day. Check out the photo below!  Believe me I use each one of them (Leave me a line if you'd like me to do a blog post about them!). Oh also, All essentials oils down there are natural, organic, virgin, cold pressed, bla bla...hah! Beat that :)

Next on my wishlist: Organic virgin coconut oil, pomegranate oil!

Proud moment!
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