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So, after many hints on our Facebook page, the much hyped about interview is finally here. As most of you know, I've been quite sick, so was unable to post it earlier but things are looking up now and here it is... A behind the scenes interview with Beauty Review's creator "Merilyn Havler" and if you didn't know the face behind the website, THIS is it people.. Gorgeousness personified I say!

Merilyn Havler-Beauty Review

 Here are the excerpts from the interview-


Chidoriya Eye Serum Review + Giveaway

Hello people, thought I'll do a quick post!
I am really really happy today! After ages... I've felt a bit of contention in the work I do and funnily, its not for science but blogging.
Thanks to Jenna from Oh Natural.. I now have a title of 'Author' to my name! I swear never saw that coming :)

Check out my review of Chidoriya's eye serum on Oh Natural's website. Chidoriya is a well known Japanese brand. They make completely natural and organic beauty products, using traditional Japanese methods. If you are looking for a completely natural alternative to your eye care.. give this serum a try.. you won't be disappointed. It's full of nature's goodness.

Check out the review here (I'm so stoked!)! They have one eye serum to giveaway too. NZ and Aus residents can enter on their website in the giveaways section. Oh Natural is a one stop shop for Product Reviews, DIY beauty recipes, wellness, lifestyle, shopping and giveaways. Oh! did I mention all things natural and organic.. ? No nasties there!

So people, I accept all your congratulations with humbleness! Thank you so much for your love and support!

Nishu xo


MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick 'IMPASSIONED' - Review + FOTD!

Do you remember your first kiss? your first date? first day of college? First cycle/bike/car? first period :( and for the make-up geeks out there.. your first foundation/lipstick/blush/brush? Unless you own hoards of stuff or were simply born too rich to care, chances are you will remember your first's! I do.. My first foundation was a Lakme (Famous Indian Brand!)..I hardly ever used it, but when I did it looked absolutely horrendous and the fact that I reserved it for special occasions only..makes me cringe even more! It was a wrong color-made me look ghostly. It was a wrong type.. dry as anything, my skin would literally feel like tearing off and wrong finish too! Looking at the photos of those days, I think, why did I not see all this? ummm.. no idea! But that's growing up right..? You learn from experience.

Anyways, where were we? First's!!! Yeah.. so as I was saying, every first is special and so is my first MAC lipstick! It was on my wishlist for so long.. I don't even remember. Soooo glad, it turned out to be stunning, didn't want it to be a sour FIRST. It was a real big deal for me.. I remember telling everyone I met on that rainy day, about a month ago.. with my favorite pink blazer on.. that I've just bought my first MAC lipstick. Obviously!! they thought I was going bonkers! I went to the MAC store.. Asked for it specifically, donned it on and out the store! Went home.. but it was so stunning.. I just could not imagine not owning it! and there...I drove 30 odd km's again and got it! What an incredible feeling :p

Passionate about "Impassioned" (That's how it looks on me..and its not full force here!) & Yup! Sorry for photo quality.. iPhone :)

 Yup! you can laugh at that stupid expression.. and thank me later!


Max Factor Nailfinity- 900 Ruby Fruit- NOTD + Review!

I have such a pretty color on my nails at the moment.. I have to show you this. I adore dark mysterious colors.. its the whole aura about them (until of course they start chipping n all.. Its a different story all together then!)

Its winters here in NZ and I felt like eating plums.. like seriously.. no kidding! Of corse they are not in season. Why can't all fruits be in season all the time?  You know what, forget plums, I want to have Berries..all kinds...Strawberry (That's a berry right? correct me if I'm wrong!), blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and even random wild one's. Why can't we get them all the time? I know what you thinking.. duhh.. get frozen one's woman.. stop complaining! but I don't like frozen.. they are cold, icy and get gooey& messy after thawing.. see that's a valid reason, no?

Whoaa! I got completely off track here. Now, I remember why I started with plums. dorkk!
It's this pretty plummy nail paint!

Max Factor Nailfinity- Ruby Fruit


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm- Review!

Has it ever happened to you... there is a brand out there, people buy stuff from them and for no apparent reason, you never buy anything from that brand. You pass their counter every single time.. never stopping by.. not even a glance! Why o why? I have had such a relationship with Clarins.. since forever.. !
and then I started reading beauty blogs and suddenly there is a product that everyone is raving about.. and its a Clarins product.. and I think..are you kidding me? That brand is not appealing at all. I think it was the packaging. It was way too simple for my liking...red on white! But then one fine day my favorite StrawberryNET had it on special.. and special as in.. you can't resist it..that special! I am a s*cker for bargains and most times end up buying stuff that is on special/promotions and often buy
stuff just for the free gift that comes with it (they turn out to be useless later on.. and then that guilt! ohh... that horrible feeling!!!!)

Anyways, so the bottom line is, StrawberryNET had a special and I ended up buying the legendary "Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins" way cheaper than its retail price. So here are my 2 cents on this product-

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

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