TheBalm Bonnie-Lou Manizer Highlighter Review

TheBalm Bonnie lou manizer highlighter review

TheBalm Bonnie lou manizer highlighter vs Mary Lou manizer

My love for highlighters is real! I don't own a big collection of them but just enough to sail me through all my makeup looks. Between TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, Becca Champagne Pop and MAC Soft & Gentle (+ a few others), I thought I had my holy-grail's sussed, all until I came across this guy. I did not even expect to fall in love with it so bad. Expect this post to be a praise all for TheBalm's newest offering in NZ, the Bonnie-Lou Manizer highlighter. The second I swatched it, I couldn't believe how & why I didn't discover it sooner. Well it's an established fact that TheBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer is my holy grail highlighter. I've got so many people hooked on it. It is truly the most shimmery, wearable and soft highlighter. Happy to update y'all that the throne of holy grail now belongs to it's sister, the Bonnie-Lou. Like how did it even happen!!!  I haven't reached for Mary-Lou even once since receiving Bonnie-Lou in the mail.


Ethique Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar + Wonderbar Conditioner Review

Ethique Pinkalicious shampoo and wonderbar conditioner review

They say Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I say Bullshit! Its a good shampoo that works for her hair and then she sticks with it forever because a good hair day can change lives. Who agrees?

I have a love-hate relationship with shampoo's. In 30 years of my life, I haven't found one that's perfect for my thick, black, bushy, hair-fall prone, Indian hair. Surely, it mustn't be this hard to create a good shampoo.

I've unsuccessfully been on the Sulfate-free bandwagon too. Even though they are so much better for me, environment and my scalp health, somehow they fail to give me shiny hair that I had once upon a time in my teens. Boy! I had good hair, if only I knew how to keep them bouncy and lustrous forever.

Ethique Pinkalicious shampoo bar review

The shampoo that I'm reviewing today is probably the closest I've gotten to my perfect shampoo hunt but it's still not quite up there (almost!). Ethique's Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar is surely the most unique shampoo you'll ever come across. It's a solid bar (no water), fairly natural, made right here in NZ, is completely plastic free, works great on my hair, lathers well (unlike SLS-free ones I tried) and comes from a company that has environmental consciousness at the core of their business. So you see it has so much going right for it.

The Pinkalicious Shampoo bar from Ethique was a limited edition bar last year when it was released to celebrate company's 5th year in business and made pink to reflect brand's logo. Loaded with Samoan cocoa butter and coconut oil and with soothing scent of vanilla and pink grapefruit, this guy sold out in no time. So from Valentine's day 2018, Ethique re-introduced this bar and made it permanent.

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