MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in 'Feels So Grand' - Review + Swatches + Comparison with Lime Crime Red Velvet

So it was my birthday a few weeks ago. I didn't ask for any gifts coz I'd already treated myself wayyy too much at the airports during our travel. This liquid lipstick by MAC was one of them and I wore it for my birthday dinner.

You know red is my thing right? MAC released this formula just last month and these have been literally flying off the shelves. Delhi duty free had only half the shades in stock. I wanted to buy the bright raspberry 'to matte with love' but then I saw this red and just couldn't resist. These were expensive than normal MAC lippies too. $25 USD from Delhi duty free and an RRP of $50 NZD here in NZ.
With a formula so beautiful..I should have bought more. That wine shade. Sigh :(

Oh well! Glad these are permanent because I'm surely picking up more.


Life Update: Where have I been for the last 3 months?

The pic pretty much sums up my sisters wedding! Bindass = Kickass!
Ok. This feels weird. Well HELLO there! Remember me? I'm supposedly a blogger and a very slack one at that. We finally meet after 3 months. How have you been? How was your summer/Winter? Well I've been good. Reeeal Good! If you follow me on Instagram you know I've been having a ball..like literally! I went for a two month holiday to my home country, India, in the middle of their peak wedding season and attended weddings back to back- 11 weddings with 21 separate functions! You know like dressing up BIGG 21 times. It was so insane and so awesome at the same time. Pair that with freezing winter evenings and you have got a serious situation. I wouldn't have it any other way though. My Facebook friends were pretty much sick of my life updates.. :)

Caught sniffing Roses! Told you I'm obsessed with them!
Did I tell you I did makeup on a Bride? Like a real professional makeup on someone's big day. It still feels unreal! May I say she looked stunning. God bless friends who trust you with their face!
I made up my sister for some of her wedding functions too (Not the main event). And my mum several times. It feels so amazing to see all their pretty pictures now. You realize how powerful makeup is when you see their faces lit up with confidence. Would you like to see posts on them? Maybe I can do a master post? What say!

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