Super-dry/itchy/sensitive skin this winter? Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash & Moisturising Lotion are here to rescue!

Suffering from dry skin? Here comes the savoir. When it comes to moisturisers (Or even sunscreens), Aveeno has always been my preferred brand. My mum is like the hugest fan of their hand cream. I have to buy tons of it before every trip back home. Its her fragrance-free delight. My mum-in-law suffers from chronic cracked heels and extremely dry hands and there is nothing she trusts except the Aveeno body lotion (the minted version in tube).

And this winters Aveeno has come out with a fragrance-free body care range, suitable for the most sensitive of skins. I've been using the new body wash and lotion for over a month n half now and I'm totally hooked!

Aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion

Aveeno skin relief body care range review

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash ($16.99 NZD)


EID MUBARAK! Classic Smoky Eye Makeup for Eid!

Nothing like a festival to go all out on makeup! Indians weddings will be the second best. I've always been a fan of Eid looks...The head jewelry, the Hijab, the elegance, it's all next level. So for this years Eid Al-Fitr (Falls on the coming weekend), here's my rendition. For all my Muslim friends celebrating..Eid Mubarak to you and the family. May Allah bless you with all the happiness in this world!

Makeup for Eid

For makeup, I went with the classic heavy smoky eye look. There's nothing more alluring than a good smoky eye. I'm a newbie and I actually find smoky eyes easier to do than most multi-color eyeshadow looks.
Tip: For a clean edged smoky eye, I always put some scotch tape on the sides of my eye. Saves me from panda eyes!

Black smoky eye makeup


Looking for a pocket-friendly blush? NYX Powder Blushes in Cinnamon & Pinky reviewed!

If there's one thing that make your face transform from flat to happy...it's the humble blush.

NYX Powder Blush on Indian skin

I'm a ardent MAC blush fan. I've got my basics covered with them - Melba (neutral), Fleur
Power (pink) & Style (peachy). My sister is fairly new to makeup & she wanted a few blushes. I figured its safe to learn the technique on something affordable - enter NYX.

NYX powder blushes have a huge fan following. I wanted to get my sister both peach & a pink - So here's Cinnamon & Pinky for you. She even let me have a play with them for weeks so here's a quick blogpost on how they fared!

Cinnamon is matte bright orange (not peach) & Pinky is a matte hot pink.

NYX powder blush review


The battle of Lip Balms- EOS vs Hurraw!

Comparing two 100% natural lip balms..Yes!! we've come to this. I'm an EOS fan. Leaving the Kim Kardashian hype aside, they are actually one of the best natural lip balms out there.
And then I stumbled across Hurraw! Lip Balms on iHerb.com. At a fraction of the price and 100% natural, they are surely very appealing. So I ended up ordering a few- 3 to be precise!

Having used both brands here's my insight into them. Hope this posts helps anyone looking for comparisons on these two natural lips balms.

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