MAC Fashion Pack Lipstick in 'Stylist's Tip' Review + FOTD

MAC fashion pack lipstick review

I might as well call this post 'How to endure a sick day' coz seriously I'm so over being sick and pitying myself. Well actually sick days are pretty cool..no one comes near you (Flu fear!), you spend the entire day with yourself. It's like a dream come true but it also brings weird symptoms with it. You are jealous of anyone that's healthy & roaming around you, you have zero energy to do blogging and your eyes strain at even the faintest sight of a cellphone. So you have pretty much nothing to do except stare at the ceiling (drugged). Man its depressing! And I've had bountiful of such days this month.
But what better than a MAC delivery of their new limited edition collection to spruce up the mood. Trust me, makeup makes everything better! Off I go to wash my face and adorn myself. Whoaa! I feel way better now. Hey thanks MAC! (and Warehouse NZ for stocking such fluffy & cute Pj's). True Story btw :p

MAC fashion pack collection review

This new limited edition collection from MAC is called 'Fashion Pack' and it hits NZ stores on July 4th, 2016. Its a collection of bold shades, worthy of the fashion forward ladies that grace the front rows at any fashion show. I was sent two lipsticks from this collection - Stylist's Tip (A deep violet, Amplified finish) and Pressed & Ready (A whitened nude, Lusture finish) . As you can guess the nude shade is so not for me. I'm NC 32-ish and this makes me look sick. However, It looks like a great shade for cool toned porcelain skin. I say maybe!


Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner Review!

Savar Instant Boost multi toner review

I've already written about this in my Savar Skincare Review post but this facial mist is so amazing I wanted to do a full review of it (before I run out of it and forget how amazing this feels on my skin). Hands down the best hydrating mist I have ever used and believe me I've used a good number of them (See footnote). This guy is the bomb!

Savar multi toner review

I've had friends hooked on it and they all have amazing things to say about it! You see a toner is a mythical creature..you never see it working..you never see it making a difference to your face..You just BELIEVE it works. That it's somehow balancing your skin's pH and making it healthier. So when you find a toner that actually works and you SEE it works..its a revelation. It seriously is!

Savar's Multi Toner* is 100% natural & is enriched with New Zealand Marshmallow extract which I just googled (Is that a word?) is actually a real plant that has been in use since centuries. They extract sap out of its roots, which is then used in cosmetics to hydrate and balance skin.
The toner also has White Tea extract which as you can guess is chock full of anti-oxidants aka Anti-aging! Add Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Glycerin, Camellia & Hibiscus extract to the mix and you have a magic potion.


Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel Review

Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel Review

We are a bit of Arnica fans at my place. I've been buying Arnica in various forms off iHerb.com for years now. It's certainly a wonder herb! I almost always reach for it whenever there's a weary or aching muscle. I guess I'll be a nightmare when I'm old coz everyday I have something new going on with my body. One day it's back pain, the next day stiff neck and oh those annoying shin splints after a good run. Arnica rub, gel or massage oil to the rescue every damn time.

Weleda has recently come out with their new Sports range and the key ingredient is my love- 100% Organic Arnica Extract!

Weleda Arnica shower gel review

You must be wondering what is this stuff she's on about? Ok. Arnica is a medicinal herb that's been around for centuries. Its a part of sunflower family and its pretty yellow flowers are used to extract oil. This oil has the power to sink in and target inflammation before it becomes a pain in your arse. It's known to act fast on bruises, swelling and all that muscly stuff. Pretty potent!
I already own the Massage Oil from this range which is amazeballs- soothing, warming and effective. Highly recommended!

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