Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Count on me to review something after its long gone and discontinued. Well thank the heavens this time it isn't coz I've had this review in my drafts for about 2 years now and Garnier is still going strong with this one. Heck they've just released a new version for combination/oily skin.

I've never used the holy grail of all Micellar waters, the legendary Bioderma Sensibio so I'm not gonna pretend to be a know-all but I can surely compare it against my other makeup removers though.

Garnier Micellar Water Review

Micellar Water seems to be the all new rage but in reality they've been around for ages. French women have been enjoying them for yonks. I'm so glad the drugstore brands have finally joined the bandwagon! Hooray for us cheapos :) They look like water, they feel like water, they don't smell and no irritation either. Magic indeed!

This is my second bottle of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water so you can trust me on this one. I've repurchased it so there must be something worthwhile.


iHerb.com Haul - May 2016

best skincare buys from iherb

You know I'm a massive iHerb.com fan. It's my favorite website for skincare and supplement needs. I have to make 2-3 orders an year to cover all my supplies. Not to forget it's a makeup brush heaven! You wouldn't find Real Technique brushes cheaper than these guys anywhere in NZ.
I recently made a huge order when they had 20% off  some beauty brands. I've been pleasantly surprised by their shipping once again. If you ever buy from them..choose DHL option. It works out cheaper with bulk orders, is fully tracked and you have the order at  your doorstep in 3-4 days all the way from States. I ordered Friday evening 3 pm and it arrived Tuesday morning 9 am. How cool is that? If you're looking to save some money on your first order, use my Affiliate/Discount code PGF661 for $$ off.

Here's the link to my previous iHerb orders if you keen to explore- iHerb Haul Nov 2014, iHerb Haul March 2015, iHerb Haul September 2015.

Here's what I ordered this time -

1. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunscreen SPF55 ($18.23 for 112g) - This one is a repeat buy like many others to follow. It's my favorite broad spectrum Sunscreen. Aveeno makes this one for babies so it's gentle and effective. It does take time to absorb in and its not the prettiest under makeup either (hello disco ball!) but its great on it's own and looks very healthy in photos too. I've never got a tan on my face since using this. I am going to continue using it as its recommended by my laser technician and serves me well too. 

weleda arnica massage oil review

2. Weleda Arnica Massage Oil ($25.88 for 100 ml) - I won't bore you with my sob story of how I suffer from back pain and haven't done a hard core workout since this ordeal began many months ago. I am now constantly in a look out for alternative ways to manage this pain and massage definitely tops the list! We are a family of Arnica fans from everything to Arnica rubs and oils. So trying out this Weleda Massage Oil next was a very natural thing to do. So far I like it! It smells amazing - Lavender and Rosemary. It's a lil warming and absorbs fast too. Not to forget that its 100% natural like other Weleda products. I'm also trying out the Shower Gel from his range courtesy Bare PR. More on that later.


MAC Lipstick in 'Twig' Review

MAC Lipstick in Twig Review

Best MAC lipstick for indian skin

Forget about finding your signature red, the whole world is looking for THE n*de that compliments their skin color. I have had mine sorted since ages. This was my first n*de & I stopped right there. I never had to purchase an awful lot of them to find a shade that is MLBB (My lips but better), flattering, demure & yet a statement in itself. a shade that oozes Kim K vibes. That lady must own every n*de imaginable.

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