Monthly Empties - December 2014 Edition!

Another month... another set of empties! Don't be alarmed by the amount of products I finish each month. Its just that I have this weird habit of leaving 2 uses worth product in a bottle before I move onto a next one! So there's always heaps of products that I can finish, if I want to that is!

And talk about the month it has been! NZ, Australia, India! Holidays are always exhilarating! Ahhh...Bliss.

OK..lets just jump into this month's empties, shall we?

1. Santé body butter in 'Rose Geranium' ($23 for 100ml)  - Reviewed already on the blog here!
If you have any doubts about my love for roses, just enter the word in search bar on your right. Anything with roses, I'll buy it.

This Sante body butter, had a best before date of August, 2014 and I finished it last month, perfect till its last breath - both smell & texture. If you're in search of a heavy duty natural body butter, this one should do! Handmade right here in NZ, 100% natural and nasties free. Best suited for normal to dry skin. I'll buy one again in a beat!

2. The Body Shop body butter Duo in 'Macademia' - I know butter butters are TBS's bestsellers but for some reason I've not quite gotten on board with them. Maybe coz I can't afford them? I mean I need to moisturize daily, like without fail, so a $36 body butter won't go very far for me! They're good value for money on specials though.

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