Remember me?

Wonder where the hell was I since last 6 months? Yeahh.. Can you believe that? It's been bledy 6 months since I last posted on this space! Time flies like a G6... !

Where was I? OK.. so a lot happened!

Crazy crazy shopping at Kuala Lumpur! Christmas at its best!

The mighty Petronas!

Left NZ in December, A bit of holidaying and shopping in KL Malaysia, touched down India on new years,  prepared for MY WEDDING (Yeahh!!) the whole of January, got married first week Feb (A week long partyy... more on that later!!!), honeymooning and travelling whole of Feb, reached New Zealand shores mid March, started looking for a house, found one in April, moved in it mid May and then the whole setting up the place started! The interior decorator in me (so much overconfidence I tell you!) kicks in and the shopping trips consume the whole of May & June.


Wedding eve!


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