5 Easy Brunch Favorites To Try At Home Today

15 July 2023

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Brunch dates are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the enjoyable fusion of lunch and breakfast that can be eaten at a more leisurely time in the morning. Brunch can be a great alternative for those who rarely see the early hours and likely miss the breakfast rush.

But you don't always have to go out to enjoy brunch. You can enjoy this meal at home or with friends and whip up some tasty meals using popular brunch foods that everyone will enjoy and can last through the rest of the day.


An egg-based dish similar to a frittata (frittatas don't have a crust) that can be extremely flexible and includes as many or as few ingredients as you wish. The key component of a good quiche is the texture of the eggs and the crust to get that pie taste but with the fluffiness of the eggs. Quiches can be made with just eggs and some seasonings; you can add anything or everything, such as peppers, ham, tomato, spinach, avocado, bacon, cheese, and many more. Try out the best quiche recipe for brunch and see what your guests think of it!

Check out these top ideas to serve for brunch at home today!

Cinnamon Rolls

A delicious gooey sticky sweet treat you can eat any time of the day, it is perfect for brunch when enjoying a coffee. Generally, cinnamon buns are easy to make and can be whipped up anytime and stored until your brunch date. Don't forget to add lashings of vanilla glaze over the top to give them the ultimate sweet and sticky texture everyone loves.


The OG in breakfast foods, the waffle, has made the cross seamlessly to a staple brunch food thanks to its complete versatility when it comes to toppings. Do you want a sweet waffle? Then you can add sugary toppings, chocolate, fruit, and more to give you that morning sugar rush you need. Or you can make it more of a savory dish using bacon and fried chicken and serve it with lashings of syrup for a savory taste with a sweet finisher for the perfect combo for any brunch menu.

Breakfast Tacos

Don't be fooled by the name; breakfast tacos are best served any time of the morning, afternoon, or evening, making them a good option for brunches. For starters, your breakfast tacos must consist of tortillas, cheese, and eggs. You can add tomato salsa if you wish. From here, you can add any toppings you see fit. Sausage, bacon, extra egg and cheese, and even the ubiquitous avocado are found in so many recipes these days.

Tater Hash

For carb lovers, why not add a side dish of tater hash? You need your favorite brand of taters and seasonings; paprika works well as mushrooms, onions, and anything else you want to add in like red peppers and a fried egg to serve. Voila, it has brown everyone wants to tuck into for brunch.

If you fancy getting in on the trend and mixing your lunch and dinner dates into one sitting at home, get your friends and family round, serve some of these delectable dishes, and enjoy your new favorite meal time.

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