Preventing Car Journey Tantrums When You've Got More Than One Child

18 May 2022

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Most parents will be familiar with the car journey meltdowns that many kids experience. From arguments over who sits where, to dealing with the boredom of a long journey - many parents can start to dread taking their kids anywhere in the car.

Like a lot of things, having more than one child can make car journeys harder. But with a bit of planning and some good choices, you can make it a lot easier.

Here are some tips that will help put an end to those car journey tantrums when you’ve got more than one kid in the car.

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Make sure your car is big enough

The first thing to consider when you’ve got more than one child is whether your car is still big enough. Two small children could mean a bigger pram or multiple strollers, in addition to all the items you need to pack just to make it through the day.

A car doesn’t just need to be big enough, it needs to be easy to load everyone in and set off to save you time and stress. Explore new and used cars with Edmunds to help you find a car that meets your growing family’s needs. Having plenty of space inside the car will also help make journeys more comfortable for everyone.

Give them things that they can only use in the car

When it comes to car journeys, distractions are key. It’s easy for kids to become bored, which can be the start of a car seat tantrum. Why not keep certain items in the car that are only for use in the car? This could be certain toys or activities that they will look forward to having once they’re in the car. An audiobook is also a great idea, as you could play chapters whenever you’re in the car - providing a great distraction and a reason for kids to get excited about their next journey.

Ensure there’s a stash of snacks and drinks

Sometimes, the offer of a snack is all you need to help keep the peace in the car. Having a stash of drinks and snacks is ideal for car journeys, and can save you a tantrum or two. It will also stop you from having to pull over to buy something somewhere. Take a look at some tasty car snack ideas for treats you can take with you on a car journey. Not only will your kids love them, but you will too!

Have a plan for the longer journeys

Longer car journeys with the kids require careful planning to save your sanity. Think about how long you can drive without taking a break, and what you’re going to do to keep the kids entertained throughout. You should also make sure you pack all of the essentials so that you’re not caught short without spare clothing and other necessities. Keep a bag of baby toiletry bag essentials with you so that you’ve got everything you need to keep the kids happy when driving.

Driving with kids isn’t always easy, but with the help of some simple tricks, you can put prevent a lot of car journey tantrums and enjoy a much more pleasant drive.

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