Raising Your Confidence

27 June 2020

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It is often the case that we get to a certain age, and we wish we had the confidence of when we were younger. And yet when we were younger, we didn’t appreciate how we looked, our sense of freedom, and a great sense of adventure. Over the years moving home, going through school, new jobs, partners, and children, some of that confidence and glow can fall by the wayside.

We spend years in these beautiful amazing bodies, and often we don’t appreciate them how we should.

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And the truth is even after all of these years and changes your body is still beautiful, but you just need to feel that too. Self-acceptance and self love are not always easy to cultivate, what even to maintain. But when it comes to confidence-boosting tips, it doesn’t take much to get you started. Confidence boosting should be built into your daily or weekly routine. It should be something that you improve over time and increase the amount that you have so even on the days that you don’t feel you’re most fantastic, you don’t feel terrible either.

So when it comes to raising your confidence, here are some small, simple tips to get you started.


Have a rummage through your make up bag and see what’s in there. The chances are there a lot of items that need to be thrown away. Makeup and skincare both have used by dates and best before dates. And if you are using makeup that is out of date you are risking infection, irritation to the skin.

Now is the perfect time to throw those things away. And if possible, give yourself a small budget and head to your local department store for some new goodies.

Something that many people do when they aren’t feeling their best, they leave the things they used to enjoy on the side. And this includes playing with colours, makeup techniques and fresh styles. So it might even be the case that you aren’t aware of the coolest trends, or the newest brands. There are even more natural skincare and makeup brands than ever before from vegan and cruelty-free to bargains and budgets.

When you’re at your favourite beauty counter, tell them what you’re hoping to achieve. Tell them you are looking for a quick 10 minute morning routine, your skin and your lips better, or tell them that you are looking for all our glam.

Be specific so that they can help you get the products that you want.


While some people say that hair is just hair, and it does not have a huge impact, many people feel their hair is their crowning glory. Sitting curling your hair, crimping your hair, or straightening it can cause damage over time so it is important that you take some time at least once a week to add a nourishing hair mask. You can make a nourishing hair mask with items out of your fridge most of the time. However, there are some really powerful hair masks available online.


Is there anything like that new bag feeling? Sometimes all we need is a simple single accessory that will make us feel fantastic. Pair of shoes that are comfortable and look amazing, a bag if it fits everything in it that you need, or even an amazing pair of frames, You can get online to see all your options.

It is about time that we all considered a reusable water bottle as an accessory. After all, becoming dehydrated makes you tired, cranky, and prone to headaches. So when you make a water bottle part of your accessories to make sure that you put it in your bag every day. So invest in your hydration, and get a reusable water bottle.

Sometimes the road to a happier, more confident you is much about getting some rest and some care. There are a number of mobile phone applications that can help you with TVs. Headspace is great for meditation; it teaches you how to push away negative thoughts and focus on the positive, and living in the now. The Calm app can help you sleep better at night and also has a number of guided meditations. They can help you deal with issues at work, frustrations, and anxiety. And supporting your mental health and supporting you in raising your confidence overall.

Come up with a mantra. And say to yourself every morning. Simply try:

I am fantastic, I can achieve anything, and I deserve happiness.

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