5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop

14 February 2020

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The eyes tell the world a story. People can see if you radiate happiness if you feel sad and if you are exhausted, all by looking at your eyes. It’s very unfair that even if you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, your eyes are going to give you away regardless - but there we go!

Whether you have an event coming up with your friends, a work meeting to attend, or you simply want to feel confident and pretty, making your eyes pop is the first place that you start. Clothes and accessories are a must when you’re putting together your outfit for the day, and adding a set of lashes can really hold together the whole thing. You want to feel confident and beautiful - and you should - so enhancing one of your best assets is going to be the best thing that you can do to feel good. Below, we’ve got five ways you can make your eyes really stand out - let’s take a look:

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  1. Did you know that you can buy an eyelash growth stimulator? You can wear the false lashes when you need a pick me up, but if you want to stop wearing the false ones and let your own lashes stand up for you, why not try growth stimulator? You can get it with a prescription, and once they start growing, you’ll really be batting your eyes!
  2. You may not notice how much you frown, but Botox is one of the ways you can relax the muscles around your eyes and stop the wrinkles from building up. Over time, we all develop lines of varying depths around our eyes, but with gentle Botox injections, you can relax those muscles and stop them from looking tired. You’ll look younger, with eyes that appear much bigger!
  3. Dark circles can often be improved with better hydration and sleep, but sometimes, the dark circles need a little help. With the right routine, you can use eye treatments that will increase collagen and provide your skin with antioxidants that work to improve the elasticity of the skin.
  4. Fillers are a way to make your eyes look good - no one likes to hear that they look tired. Dermal fillers placed under the eyes can fix the bags, and the curve between cheek and bag fills out to look great.
  5. A little color can go a long way. If you want to really enhance your eyes, you need to think about the eye makeup in which you can invest. See a makeup artist to get the right colors matched to your skin and eye tones to see them really look deep and beautiful.
If your eyes are hydrated, the whites will be wet and white rather than dry and yellow. Keep on top of your diet, and you’ll be able to see your eyes really come to life when you look in the mirror. You deserve to see the world, and you deserve for the world to see you. Start with your eyes, and the rest will follow.

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