The Essential Beach Vacation Packing List

1 January 2020

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So your heading to the beach for a short trip? This beach vacation packing list is here to ensure your trip is ultimately stress-free as possible. Packing can sometimes be time-consuming and even costly for those who fly and overpack a lot; which can be hard to keep travelling and understandable especially when travelling to new and unfamiliar places. Save yourself worrying and money of last-minute purchases with this easy to use packing checklist for any beach vacation.

Beach Essentials

Beach bag
This bag should be able to be carried in a multiple of ways and have ample storage for your day’s activities. Opt-in for a large bag made especially for the beach, this one will need compartments for all of your storage needs but also versatile for any conditions such as heat, sand and water exposure.

Other Handy items to fit inside your bag:

A common accessory to have is sunglasses to protect your eyes that are robust, practical and stylish but also gives adequate UVA and UVB protection.

Wearing a hat when sitting gon the beach in the baking sun can save potential damage to your scalp and hair. For the best protection take a hat that shades your face and shoulders.

Beach towel
Generally, any resorts or hotels will supply beach towels but always check in advance that you’ll have access to beach towels at the pool before your trip to avoid overpacking.

Sunscreen can allow the right level of protection for your skin when exposed to the suns radiation. Pick the right SPF factor and that uses bio-friendly chemicals,

Bathing suits
Whether you plan on exploring the low-key beach cliffs or local town, snorkelling or lounging in the sun all day, be sure to pack a bathing suit that is both comfortable and practicable for your beach vacation activities. Wear what you feel the most comfortable in, and be sure to pack some extras. No one likes putting on a wet suit in the baking heat unless you plan on surfing at least!

For heading back to the hotel room or grabbing a quick beach-side bite, even just to protect your skin from the sun’s rays; having a beach cover-up allows us to have some quick coverage. Ladies have an arrange of clothing from moderate coverage tunics and rompers to waist covered sarongs. A favourite among men is linen shirts and shorts. It’s both breathable, light and the material has UV protection. Having spare clothing such as T-shirts or a kimono rolled up in case of turning weather is also handy.

Sandals/Flip flops
Have you ever put on soggy sneakers or shoes filled with sand and resulted in a blister or sore feet? Avoid this by packing beach appropriate sandals or flip flops to allow your feet to breath but also be protected by unexpected twigs or rocks.

Water bottle
It is always important to stay hydrated when in the sun, Add a reusable water bottle to your beach vacation packing list so you can just refill and be ready to go. When having to trave out, always keep your bottle full and hidden from the sun. Using a metal flask is a great way to keep water colder for longer.

This is an essentials list for a beach-going trip, always pack accordingly to your trips proposed itinerary. Would you have any other recommendations to add to the list? Please share them in the comments below.

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