Top Tips For Travelling Japan

30 September 2019

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Japan is a beautiful country, and if you get the chance to go and visit, then you really want to make the most of it. It is a country steeped in tradition and culture; it is a country home to profoundly proud and very generous people and somewhere fascinating to visit. Here are a few top tips for traveling Japan: 

Download Google Translate
While it’s a good idea to get familiar with any language before you visit the country and you can check out for books which can help you to improve your Japanese conversation skills or your Japanese listening, it is still a very good idea to download Google Translate. It is excellent for decoding menus in Japanese and to help you to communicate when you’re having difficulties. You can even take a photo of your menu or anything written down and the app will instantly translate it into English for you. 

Get A Japan Rail Pass
If you are planning to travel to multiple cities in Japan, make sure you get a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) before you go. It can only be bought outside of Japan and is exclusive to foreigners. This rail pass allows you to travel with any JR lines across the country including bullet trains which are usually very pricey. 

Exchange Money
According to many travelers to Japan, the exchange rate in Japan is higher than in other countries. Also, there are not many exchange counters on the street either. So it’s advised to have some yen ready in your country before traveling and manage with your credit card while traveling.

Learn The Culture
Japan has a unique culture so while you are there, it’s highly recommended to try one of the cultural activities, such as kimono, tea ceremony, and samurai training. These experiences can be done only in Japan so to make your trip unforgettable, don’t miss a chance for the “once in your lifetime” experience, something you won’t find anywhere else. .

Never Leave a Tip
Unlike other countries, in Japan, it is very offensive to leave a tip, and it will often be refused. It implies that the person you are tipping doesn’t earn very much, so keep your money to yourself and just pay the price of the bill. 

Take Off Your Shoes
It’s important when you go into buildings to look for shoes. If others have taken them off, then you should too as. Wearing shoes indoors, especially in homes and some businesses, is seen as very rude and dirty.

Don’t Smoke on the Streets
If you are a smoker visiting Japan, be aware that in most big cities you will not be allowed to smoke in the street and if you do you could end up with a pretty hefty fine. Instead, you will have to smoke in designated areas

Don’t Blow Your Nose
Don’t use tissues to blow your nose in public; it’s highly offensive to the Japanese, so just sniff instead.

Disclaimer: This blog post is a contributed post. LipsnBerries Blog cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information presented above.

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