Fernz Radiance Face Treatment Oil Review

Facial Oils have a cult status in our home. Both me and husband love them equally. Even though our skin types are different, we use the same facial oils. A few years ago, he did suffer from oily skin though. Ask him now and he'll say he has normal skin. Ever since we learnt that using oil-stripping face washes is NOT the answer to oily skin woes, skin changed. So basically taking out good skin oils using harsh skincare products sends your oil producing glands into an overdrive.You take out more, they produce more, to balance the loss. So you end up with skin that is oilier than before. Isn't that mean? So using gentle skincare and using it consistently is the key. This is our simple mantra. I have dry skin so I have an extra step or two in my skincare (Saver Toner + Savar Rosehip Serum). He uses just this oil, morning and night.

You know my love for Rosehip Oil. I’ve been on it for the last 5 years. It’s my holy-grail. I’ve used it from various brands and in varying blends too. Today, I’m reviewing the Fernz Radiance Face Treatment oil, a blend of Rosehip, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Tamanu and Kiwi Fruit Seed oil, with some Vitamin E as a natural preservative. The oils are cold-pressed and Rosehip is the primary oil. As the name suggests, the oil claims to impart radiance and also work towards repairing skin, delaying signs of aging, lines and wrinkles. Well, I’m only 31 so I can’t say much about the wrinkle part, Can I?

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